Sybase Sysam License Type Codes

Yuval Malchi over on the ISUG sybase-l mailing list provided the following codes for Sybase’s Sysam (FlexLM):

License Type What the License Type Represents
SS Standalone Seat
DT Development and Testing
MB Mainframe Base
MU Millions of Service Units
CP CPU License
FL Floating License
IC Internet Access License
AP Application License
SR Server License
CL Cluster License
ST Networked Seat
CU Concurrent User License
SF Standby CPU License
SV Standby Server License
SC Standby Concurrent User
OT Other

The following License Types are only available for specific Partner contracts with OEM or embedded license arrangements:

License Type What the License Type Represents
AC Application Deployment CPU
AR Application Deployment Server
AS Application Deployment Seat
AU Application Deployment Concurrent User
AO Application Deployment Other
BC Application Deployment Standby CPU
BR Application Deployment Standby Server
BU Application Deployment Standby Concurrent User
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