Adding a Virtual Disk Device to a VMware virtual machine (Windows 2003 Server host)

I thought it would be possible to add a virtual device file to a running virtual machine and have it show up in the virtual machine without restarting the virtual machine.  I was wrong.  The current VMware Server 1.0.6 is incapable of doing this.  What you can do is to set up the device file so all you have to do is to restart the virtual machine, minimizing downtime to a couple of minutes:

  • Create a new 20GB preallocated disk in the D:\Virtual Devices\DBA Dev 1\Disk4 directory:

D:\Virtual Machines\DBA Dev 1\Disk 4>vmware-vdiskmanager -c -a buslogic -s 20Gb -t 3 Disk4.vmdk
Using log file C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\vmware-DBH1admin\vdiskmanager.log
Creating a split preallocated disk ‘Disk4.vmdk’
Create: 100% done.
Virtual disk creation successful.

  • We need to determine which device slots are available.  Go to VM->Settings and look at the next free scsi device #
  • Associate the new virtual device file using the free scsi4 slot

D:\Virtual Machines\DBA Dev 1>vmware-cmd “D:\Virtual Machines\DBA Dev 1\Ubuntu.vmx” setconfig scsi4:1.fileName “Disk 4\Disk4.vmdk”
setconfig(scsi4:1.fileName Disk 4\Disk4.vmdk) = 1
D:\Virtual Machines\DBA Dev 1>vmware-cmd -v “D:\Virtual Machines\DBA Dev 1\Ubuntu.vmx” setconfig scsi4:1.present true
API Version: 1.01
setconfig(scsi4:1.present true) = 1

After you restart the virtual machine, the device will now show up when you run fdisk -l.

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ISUG Reminder: Vote for the ISUG Technical Journal Awards

Dear ISUG Member,

Don’t forget that June 30th is the last date to vote for the annual ISUG
Technical Journal Awards that will be presented at TechWave in Las

Also, June 30th is the last day to renew your membership at the current pricing if you are an individual member:

Don’t forget to select your local or regional user group when you renew!


Mike Harrold
Executive Director
International Sybase User Group
Support your local Sybase Community
Join today at

Wouldn’t you want to be like Rob Verschoor and winRob Verschoor wins an ISUG Technical Journal Award an ISUG Technical Journal Award?  Did you know anyone can write an article for the International Sybase Users’ Group Technical Journal?  Do you think you can take his next award from him?  Do you have what it takes?!?  😉

Submit your article TODAY!

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My wife says this video is about me… what do you think? :)

My wife says this is so me… the fact that I’m not allowed to touch her macbook says something… *big grin*

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Customization…. one of the many reasons Linux is my primary desktop :)

Can you do this on your favorite operating system?

“Laugh it up fuzzball!” – Han Solo

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AudioBook Review: AmerIndian 2192 by J. Scott Garibay

I just finished the audio book AmerIndian 2192 by J. Scott Garibay while commuting to work.  Garibay is a new author and I have to say I’m very impressed.

The story is easy to follow with the exception of the flashbacks to 20 years prior (during the White Earth massacre segments).  There wasn’t a clear transition between the present and the flashback.  I assume there was in the printed book.  Perhaps a 5 second delay in the audio or similar could be performed in future audiobooks.

I had trouble with dialog of the Admiral Lye character.  He appears to be a cross between Captain Ahab, General Custer and Darth Vader.  I believe that the point of view of such a butcher is alien to the author… making it difficult for the dialog to be largely believable.  Fortunately, the dialog of Admiral Lye is short.  I’m hoping Garibay is able to revisit Admiral Lye in future novels…  the character has a great deal of potential (how did Lye become what he did?).

The AmerIndian Confederacy (AC) was created by the AmerIndian tribals to regain their homeland.  The problem, albeit a minor problem, is that we’re not given any real incite on how they became a power in the universe – it was created twenty odd years prior and now is able to take on Earth?  The AC is a utopian society, a highly successful business, a mercenary group, and a terrorist group.

The premise:

AmerIndian 2192 is a science-fiction novel that explores the intriguing possibilities of Native Americans in mankind’s star flung future. AmerIndian 2192 presents the story of two brothers, Wovoka and Keokuk, restoring the Native American people to a Homeland where their vibrant culture can thrive. Lodge ships, Cybershaman rituals and Tsimshian high technology are all elements in this action-oriented tale of interstellar politics and personal struggles.  —

I would put it differently:

AmerIndian 2192 is the story of the rebirth of pre-Columbian Native American culture and a homeland in a far flung galaxy.  The price required by the Grand Fathers nearly destroys the homeland after the Ghost Dance ritual is performed.

The narrator, LeighAnn Garibay, performed quite well but it is obvious she isn’t a professional narrator.  She doesn’t have to be for this novel.  Kudos to her!

The audiobook on easily leaves room for a sequel (please let there be one!).  What happens to the UDA, the clones, and the Admiral Lye (sp)?  Does Wovoka ever find peace?  How many of the tribals fail transition to the new life even though they try?  The author has the opportunity to make a “Garibay” universe here.

I would love to see short stories related to AmerIndian 2192 by Garibay and other authors (fan fiction).

I definitely recommend this audiobook! 🙂

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How to install and run Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.4 and 15.0x on Ubuntu Linux 8.04 JEOS (Hardy Heron) using chroot environment

Because Sybase has yet to address the GLIBC (LD_POINTER_GUARD) issue with any of their products on Linux, we are forced to find alternative ways of getting Sybase software to run on modern Linux distribution.  In this situation, we will be using the Ubuntu 8.04 Just Enough OS (Ubuntu JEOS) Linux distribution.

After installing Ubuntu 8.04 Server JEOS on the physical or virtual machine, download the Ubuntu 7.04 Server iso image.  Why Ubuntu 7.04?  Ubuntu 7.04 is the last Ubuntu release that has an old enough GLIBC that Sybase software will work with.

% sudo debootstrap feisty /home/sybase file:///media/cdrom0

  • Change the home directory of the sybase user to be /dbms/sybase by editing the /etc/passwd file

% sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /home/sybase/etc/resolv.conf

% sudo cp /etc/hosts /home/sybase/etc/hosts

% sudo cp /etc/passwd /home/sybase/etc/passwd

% sudo cp /etc/shadow /home/sybase/etc/shadow

% sudo `cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed -e ‘s/hardy/feisty/g’ > /home/sybase/etc/apt/sources.list`

% sudo mount –bind /dev /home/sybase/dev

% sudo mount –bind /proc /home/sybase/proc

% sudo mount -t devpts none /home/sybase/dev/pts

% sudo mount –bind /tmp /home/sybase/tmp

% sudo aptitude update

% sudo aptitude upgrade

% sudo aptitude install locales dialog wget debconf devscripts gnupg

% sudo aptitude install libstdc++5 libstdc++6 libaio

  • If you’re installing v12.5x software, you will need to install an even older copy of libstdc++ (not needed for v15 or higher software):

% aptitude install libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2

  • Install Sybase software into /dbms/sybase (as root in the chroot environment which you should still be in)

% sudo cp /dbms/sybase/ /dbms/sybase/SYBASE.env

% sudo echo DSQUERY=MYASE >> /dbms/sybase/.SYBASE.env

% sudo echo sa_password > /dbms/sybase/.sapwd

% sudo chmod go-rwx /dbms/sybase/.sapwd

% sudo chmod u-wx /dbms/sybase/.sapwd

% sudo chown -R sybase /dbms/sybase

  • Install the sybase_chroot script into /usr/local/bin and make it executable by root
  • Install the sybase_ase rc script into /etc/init.d and make it executable by root
  • Exit the chroot environment by typing ‘exit’
  • create a symbolic link outside of the chroot environment to make /home/sybase/dbms appear as /dbms.  This will allow you to access the Sybase software, notably OpenClient, as a normal user outside of the chroot environment.

% sudo ln -s /home/sybase/dbms /dbms

You are now able to start Sybase ASE using sudo /etc/init.d/sybase_ase start and stop Sybase ASE using sudo /etc/init.d/sybase_ase stop.  Starting Sybase Replication Server, OpenServer, or similar Sybase software is simply a matter of copying the /etc/init.d/sybase_ase and tweaking the script copy.

If you feel this is way complicated and Sybase should just fix their software, let them know.  Please point them to this page and refer to CR455393.

UPDATE: The GLIBC issue is fixed in v15.0.2 esd 4.  It doesn’t seem to be working for everyone though.  More information is needed about those systems where esd 4 doesn’t resolve the matter.  No fix is available for 12.5x from Sybase.

UPDATE: Keep in mind, that the Sybase ASE 15.0.2 esd 4 patch is available only to Sybase customers with a current maintenance contract with Sybase.

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VMware – copied the Ubuntu vm but now the networking doesn’t work?

You’ve probably seen it, you copied an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine under VMware and tried starting it up with a new VMware UUID and the networking doesn’t work.  When you use a new VMware UUID, it will change the mac address on any virtual network device you have configured in the virtual machine.

A very simple ‘fix’:

In /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rule, delete the entry for your network device(s) so the new mac address is recognized on reboot.  It will look something like so:

# PCI device 0x1022:0x2000 (pcnet32)
SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:0c:29:aa:4c:75", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"

Your network devices will now be working.  Don’t forget to reboot your virtual machine.

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Learning from Google

I think we can all learn a little from Google.  How many times have you cringed at Sybase Central?

Google User Experience

Our aspirations

The Google User Experience team aims to create designs that are useful, fast, simple, engaging, innovative, universal, profitable, beautiful, trustworthy, and personable. Achieving a harmonious balance of these ten principles is a constant challenge. A product that gets the balance right is “Googley” – and will satisfy and delight people all over the world.  — read more at Google

Thanks goes to adrianh over on for finding this! 🙂

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GIMP Graphics Competition! :)

Andrew Abogado over at Ang Philipino GIMP posted an email from Ms. Rebecca Tan, the Area Education Executive of GSA Pte Ltd regarding the GIMP Graphics Competition:

…. Hmmm… That’s great huh! Fellow GIMPists, GIMPers, GIMP Artists and everyone using GIMP. This can be a wonderful opportunity for you guys and the GIMP Community from all over the world….

read more on his blog

The Yahoo Group is age restricted. Not a bad thing but something that people should now before clicking on the link while at work.

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LMAO! Logitech Remote “disasters”

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