The Greater Chicago Jewish Festival

Normally I don’t go off topic too much but I had so much fun at Greater Chicago Jewish Festival up in Morton Grove, IL I can’t help but to share a bit of it:

Every two years … an eclectic group of volunteers gathers to create the vision and consider the logistics which unfold for you on one special summer day. The Jewish POCET is a production group made up of individuals representing a network and cross section of the entire Jewish community. We are linked by a single purpose: to produce an event which celebrates Jewish life and culture. We are committed to this project because of our resolve that Jewish identity must be based, in part, on a tangible positive feeling about Jewish life, especially for children.

Since 1980, the Greater Chicago Jewish Folk Arts Festival has created just that experience for hundreds of thousands. Today, it is the largest Jewish cultural event in Chicago and the largest ongoing Jewish festival in America. We call it the Heart and Soul of Jewish Chicago because on this one special day, you can find everything that is Jewish in Chicago. We create our own “town square” filled with the sights, sounds and smells of a dynamic and creative community. The Festival is a community event, not a commercial event.  —

Alex Koffman

Kimber Leigh Nussbaum



Along with many other bands, my favorite Klezmer band performed:  The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band 🙂  Did you know they also performed at my wedding?

One tired little munchkin:

More photos over at flickr

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