Information Hoarders… they suck

In every job I worked at and almost every project I’ve been involved with, there seems to be at least one information hoarder.  You know, the person that keeps critical information (processes, etc) to themselves for job security or status or god knows what.  The person tends to be insecure about themselves or their position.

It’s almost comical really.  These individuals believe they add value to the situation by claiming that X is a “trade secret”, “copyrighted” or “need to know”.  It is nothing more than the person being a fool and an idiotic fool at that.

No, I was wrong.  It IS comical.  The audacity of these people is astounding.  Whether it is crazy consultants from the other side of the planet, a coworker or a person online, they …. OMG I’m just amused by them.

To all the information hoarders out there in the world:  a big ole stinky RASPBERRY in your face!  You suck!


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