FW (David Wein): Looking for feedback: logical process manager

David Wein is a well known and highly respected engineer at Sybase working on Adaptive Server Enterprise.  I’m reposting his blog article here to help increase the exposure of his request for comments:

I am working on a future version of ASE and am interestedDavid Wein, Sybase Engineering in hearing about your experiences with the logical process manager (LPM).  LPM consists of engine groups and execution classes, as well as the ability to set spid priority in an ad-hoc manner via sp_setpsexe.  This functionality is sometimes referred to as application queues.

If you have used this feature I’d like to know:

  • What was the use case (in other words, why did you use it)?
  • What elements did you use?  How did you use it?
  • Did it meet your needs?  Did you run into problems?
  • Any shortcomings or requirements that weren’t met?
  • What was your overall impression?

If you evaluated the functionality but chose not to use it, please let me know what you were trying to accomplish and why you decided against using LPM.

Finally, if you have use cases or requirements around managing multiple applications in a single ASE server, or managing the priority / resources of specific spids, please pass those along.  Unaddressed use cases are extremely useful to hear about.

Please provide your feedback directly to me at david.wein@sybase.com, and include “logical process manager feedback” in the mail subject (I get a lot of mail and this will help make sure I don’t miss your mail!).  Please be as detailed and specific as you can about your use cases and results.

Thanks a bunch,

Let’s help Dave, and ourselves, out by giving him our experiences with the logical process manager.  Please be descriptive as “it sucks” or “it’s great” doesn’t really help. 😉

If anyone wants to post their experiences to this blog post, that’s okay too.  I’ll forward any comments to Dave.

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3 Replies to “FW (David Wein): Looking for feedback: logical process manager”

  1. IIRC, LPM was added in ASE 11.5.. It can be described as an ASE equivalent to NUMA… in a sense.
    I haven’t run into too many places that use it. Those that do use it had to play with it as there really aren’t any ‘rules of thumb’ to go by as far as configuring it for an application.
    I also haven’t seen any benchmarks that show where configuring LPM as increased performance and/or responsiveness but in theory it should.

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