BarCamp in Chicago! Are you going? (2008)

On August 15 through the 18th, BarCamp will be coming to Chicago.  Don’t know what BarCamp is?  From

A BARcamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. The name BARcamp was inspired as a complement to FOOcamp, a private tech gathering run by Tim OReilly.

Who is it for?  From

Its a community thing, so its open to all. My thoughts are that these types of people would enjoy it the most:

  • hackers, coders, engineers, programmers,admins, and lowly architects
    designers, graphic artists, web monkeys, and artists interested in tech
  • entrepreneurs, tech business guys, investors, sales guys lookin for a product
  • professors, students (grad and under-grad), researchers, and academic types wanting to see whats going on in the start-up world
  • Significant-Others brave enough (or crazy enough) to attend (be prepared to hear jargon and acronyms more than english).

Two videos capture the essence of BARcamp. Take a look at video summaries from BARcamp SF and BARcamp Austin.”

BlogsPhotosVideos – from last year, flickr set, youtube, et al

Interested? Looking for a business reason?  BusinessPOV has an article/video that should help you justify going it to your boss.

I’m going to be there.  I would like to see lots of new and old friends there as well 🙂

BarCamp Chicago 2008
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