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Four years ago, brian d foy, created the magazine, The Perl Review, dedicated to the Perl programming language.  Unlike what you may have heard on Slashdot a few days ago, Perl is far from dead. 

I’ve learned more about the Test modules than from Perl Testing: A Developer’s Notebook (Developers Notebook) alone.

Every quarter, I play a little game.   When I receive the email from Brian informing me that the latest issue is available for download, I check my US Mail box to see if the printed issue was already delivered.  Most of the time, I receive the printed issue within a couple days of the email.  One day, I’ll receive the printed issue first.  Observed time can be loopy like that.

I am an avid follower of the magazine and hope to have our MyDatabases as popular as The Perl Review.

Kudos to brian d foy and the article writers!

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6 Replies to “The Perl Review magazine: SUBSCRIBE!”

  1. To be fair, we tried to describe testing strategies and teach how to think about testing more than covering any specific test modules (beyond Test::More) in the book….

  2. You should always get the email about the new issue before the printed version. The week I send the issue to the printer I aslo make it available online. Sometimes I also make it available before I send it to the printer to get early corrections before I commit it to paper. 🙂

  3. You see, I’ve been watching an old 80s tv show called, the Voyagers. If a 12 year old boy can travel around in time, on tv, I should be able to do so in real life. Well, I can dream about it anyways.

    Getting the printed issue before the email would be proof that time travel in a small way can be performed. 😉

    Can you tell I’ve been up most of the night between work and a teething munchkin?

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