FW from k2p2.net: My daughter’s first sled ride

Miriam got a fantastic Hanukah present from her daddy.

She loves it, and had a great time being pulled around, first by Uncle Nate, then by Zaydee (grandpa), and finally by daddy.  They stayed on the lawn and sidewalk, and she giggled and laughed!

Then Daddy accidentally took a turn a little fast.

If it had just been snow, she would have been fine, but there was a thin layer of ice on top of the snow, and she face planted onto it.  Poor little Monkey.

She’s fine now.  She only cried because she was startled, and the scratches are almost completely healed now.

It did make for some fun explanations at the Hanukah party last night though.

I think she looked like she got into a fight with a badger, but everyone else says it isn’t so bad.

My poor baby.

She’s fine now though.  :)

There are lots more pictures, as always, on flickr.

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