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Adrian Bridgwater
Adrian Bridgwater

Migration migraines: the top seven DBA data headaches

Posted by Adrian Bridgwater

Once or twice a year I get to work with an excellent DBA pal from Illinois called Jason Froebe who describes himself as a, “Perlmonger capable of speaking fluent munchkin.” His personal blog is called Ramblings of a Geek, but I keep telling him he should rename it “Froebe’s Frontal Lobe”.

read more at ZDnet…

The work that Adrian mentions is a last minute article for the International Sybase User’s Group that I wrote and he edited.  The benchmarking article that many people are waiting for is being held up by several groups giving their approval for the release of the material.

As always, it is a real pleasure to work with Adrian 🙂

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My wife offers her view of me to the world :)

Most of you know my husband, Jason.  Well, I’ve been trying to figure him out for more than a few years now, and I think I’ve come pretty close.

He either suffers from ADHD, or Asperger’s Syndrome.

Wait, don’t laugh.  Hear me out.

When he is focused on something, it is with laserlike intensity.  A bomb could go off 3 feet from him, and he’d never even notice.  I’ve seen Miriam put things in his ear, but if he’s trying to figure out some new code, he doesn’t notice at all.  Hours later he wonders why he has cracker bits on his collar.  His social skills are, how to put this gently, not his strongest suit.  He’d much rather sit home in front of his computer, coding, than interact with people.  For years, he got along just fine with zero involvement with the opposite sex, at least of a romantic nature.  He just wasn’t interested in, or looking for, a relationship.  Hence, the thinking he might, if a child today, be diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Also, from talking to his mother, I’ve learned that he didn’t talk until he was 3, and barely engaged in imaginative play.  He was far more interested in building and sorting things as a small child, and being alone on his computer once older.  Seems to fit, no?

But, when something doesn’t have his laser focus, he has the attention span of a squirel who has just downed a 6 pack of Mountain Dew.  He is the most easily distracted, forgetful man I’ve ever known.  He’ll be half way through a sentence, and completely forget not only what he was going to say next, but the entire topic at hand, and even that he was involved in a conversation.  Something else will have caught his eye for half a second, and his brain is gone.

I’ve talked to his coworkers, and he’s the same way at work.  Sometimes, he’ll drop words, or even sentences from a paragraph (that he is speaking!) and not even notice that 1/2 of it is missing.  You look at him, and have no choice but to say “huh?” and his response? “I forget”.

Seriously, squirel.  Hence thinking he has ADHD.

So, I’m torn.  Does he fall under the autism spectrum, or the attention deficit hyperactivity spectrum?

Perhaps it is both.

Either way, having children with this man I’ve realized one thing: I’m totally screwed.


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Why oh why is working with XML so bloomin’ difficult in Perl?

I love perl, I really do. The problem is that I need to also work with XML as well. CPAN has numerous modules that work with XML to one degree or another.

Producing XML is simple and easy. Reading or manipulating it involves loading the XML through a parser. The parsers will create a myriad of hashes, arrays and the like but navigating them even with tools like XPath make you want to perform oral surgery on yourself using rusty tiddly winks.

So my question is this: Are there any XML parsers for Perl that are easy to use without having to deal with arbitrary hashes of hashes of hashes and …. (don’t forget the arrays)?

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How to install Sybase’s ODBC driver on Ubuntu Linux for ASE/IQ/Replication Server/SQL Anywhere/etc

ASE 15.0.3 full install on Linux 32bit.
First we need to install unixODBC:

% sudo aptitude install unixodbc unixodbc-bin unixodbc-dev libstdc++5

Because of a bug within the Sybase ODBC install, we need to change /opt/sybase/DataAccess/ODBC/samples/drivertemplate.txt.


[Adaptive Server Enterprise]
Description = Sybase ODBC Driver
Driver = /opt/sybase/ODBC-12_5/lib/libsybdrvodb.so
FileUsage = -1

Change to:

[Adaptive Server Enterprise]
Description = Sybase ODBC Driver
Driver = /opt/sybase/DataAccess/ODBC/lib/libsybdrvodb.so
FileUsage = -1

This template file is used to install the ODBC driver with unixODBC:

odbcinst -i -d -f /opt/sybase/DataAccess/ODBC/samples/drivertemplate.txt

Currently Sybase’s ODBC driver does not have a GUI component for unixODBC. I’m waiting on the bug #. Once I have it, I’ll update this post.

Now we are ready to define an ODBC dsn. We will need to create a template file to do so:


Description=Sybase ODBC Data Source
Driver=Adaptive Server Enterprise

To add it to unixODBC we need to run:

odbcinst -i -s -f dbadev1.dsn

If you wanted a system wide dsn:

sudo odbcinst -i -s -l -f dbadev1.dsn
Updated to include libstdc++5 for the newer releases of Ubuntu
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Fast Foward Radio – a positive take on the future with Phil Bowermaster & Stephen Gordon

I recently came across Fast Forward Radio by Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon.  I hope you enjoy their podcast as much as I do 🙂

Tune in every Sunday evening for a positive take on the future with Phil Bowermaster, Stephen Gordon, and some of the most fascinating people helping to shape the world that’s coming.

Fast Forward Radio
Fast Forward Radio

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Ryan Putnam: How to upgrade Sybase ASE 12.5 to 15

Ryan Putnam: How to upgrade Sybase ASE 12.5 to ASE 15
Ryan Putnam: How to upgrade Sybase ASE 12.5 to ASE 15

I have attached a sample ASE 15 upgrade document which I had created for version 12.5 and have made changes for our version 15 upgrades.  I don’t know if it will help anyone, but I seem to recall a few people asking for some documentation.  Hopefully it can be used as a template?  Anyways, you are welcome to look at it, clone it, get ideas, or whatever.


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Sybase’s Jeff Tallman releases the MDA table diagram posters for ASE 15.0.3 in PDF and PowerDesigner formats!

Jeff Tallman has released the MDA table diagram posters for ASE 15.0.3 in both Adobe PDF and PowerDesigner PDM formats.

ASE 15.0.3 MDA table diagram
ASE 15.0.3 MDA table diagram

Thanks Jeff for creating them!

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Snow Baby!

Miriam tries to blend into the snowbank!
Miriam tries to blend into the snowbank!
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VPNWiz – Cisco VPN GNOME GUI for PCF files

The fine folks over at PhrankDaChicken@Ubuntu have come up with an excellent and simple GUI for the open source Cisco VPN client (vpnc).  The nice thing is that you won’t have to decrypt the group password in your cisco PCF file as VPNWiz will read the PCF files directly!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had much luck with the vpnc plugin for NetworkManager when connecting to my office’s VPN.

VPNWiz - Cisco VPN GUI for Gnome
VPNWiz - Cisco VPN GUI for Gnome

VPNWiz uses cisco PCF files to connect a GNOME linux desktop to a cisco vpn server.

Download the VPNWiz zip file, and run the install.sh file.

Go to “Apps -> Internet -> VPNWiz” to start it – follow the wizard to connect.

Click on the VPNWiz icon in the system tray to disconnect.

Get VPNWiz here.

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Questions to ask when you interview for a new job

I know of quite a few individuals that are looking for work.  Most people seem to forget that when you go to a job interview, you are interviewing the interviewers just and must as they are interviewing you.  Hopefully these questions I found over on Derik Whittaker’s blog:

  1. Explain the company’s development process at a high level.
  2. How are releases scheduled/planned, do you utilize iterations
  3. Do you have dedicated environments (development, qa, stage, production)
  4. Do you follow any formal methodology (agile (what flavor), waterfall, etc)
  5. What is the company’s philosophy on team member involvement in the SDLC process
  6. ….

Read more on Derik’s blog 🙂

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