New baby boy :)

Asher Samuel Froebe – 7lb 13 oz 19.5 inches @ 4:44 pm

7lb 13 oz - 19.5 inches long
Asher Samuel Froebe - 7lb 13 oz - 19.5 inches long

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Looking for a *FREE* Sybase SQL Server Database for Production, Development, Testing or whatever you want to do with it?

UPDATE 4/10/2013:

SAP/Sybase has made it known that they will not be distributing Sybase SQL Server for Linux.  So, if you still need it, you will need to look elsewhere.  If you need to ask me where to look, I can’t help ya.  Arh matey



Sybase graciously still allows us to download SQL Server (since renamed ASE) for Linux… for FREE:

The current version (ASE ESD#6) package is different from previous distribution of ASE The


new package separates ASE and OC/OS SDK. Also OC/OS is now available for Alpha platform. You can also find FreeBSD version of the package. Intel, Alpha and FreeBSD releases differ only in packaging and they are all built from the same source.

Software is FREE for development as well as Deployment.

Adaptive Server Enterprise ESD#6 for Linux runs on Linux systems with Kernel 2.2.12 and glibc-2.1.2-11 installed. Verify that your system meets the hardware/software requirements before installing the software.

ASE Linux download and install instructions from Europe site.

To install Linux ASE software:

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Alpha test release of Flickr::Simple2

FlickrFlickr::Simple2 is an XML::Simple based Perl API to communicate with Flickr.  It is in the early phases of development… comments are welcome 🙂

You will need to supply your own Flickr API key.

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FW: Seven (more) reasons to love a developer on Valentine’s Day

Adrian Bridgwater
Adrian Bridgwater

Seven (more) reasons to love a developer on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Adrian Bridgwater

A year ago I wrote a blog right here on entitled Seven Reasons to Love Developers on Valentines Day full of heartfelt love for the IT industry and software application development in particular.


Adrian does good work 🙂

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Big things afoot at Sybase, Inc.


It’s coming…

48 hours from now something big is coming!

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Informatica dropping Sybase ASE for repositories?

InformaticaJoe Buhl over on ISUG‘s SIG-ASE mailing list posted a rather interesting note about Informatica:

An Informatica product manager Informed me they were considering dropping support for ASE as a repository. Please contact me if you run Informatica and have ASE as a repository.

Joe Buhl
BT Conferencing

I can only hope that the product manager was either misinformed or that Informatica can be convinced to retain support for Sybase ASE as a repository.

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Should ORMs Insulate Developers from SQL?

I’ve been sick the past few days, so I have been hitting the “Stumble” button a lot on my laptop. Last night I ran across a very interesting blog post by Daniel Spiewak on his Code Commit blog:

This is a question which is fundamental to any ORM design.  And really from a philosophical standpoint, how should ORMs deal with SQL?  Isn’t the whole point of the ORM to sit between the developer and the database as an all-encompassing, object oriented layer?

read more…

What do you think?  Is he on to something?

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Calling Sybase developers! Please help fix the Sybase and Microsoft driver for the CakePHP framework!

While the CakePHP framework is very good, the dbo “driver” (wrapper) between CakePHP and the PHP Sybase/Microsoft drivers ar not implemented to be actually usable.  Most of the issues are differences of SQL dialect between MySQL and the commercial DBMSs.

The issues tend to be simple ones such as, “select * from my_table limit 10” to retrieve the first 10 rows not working.  Using “select top 10 col1,col2,….coln from my_table” will.

So how can you help?  Very easily! 🙂  The CakePHP website shows us how:

Contributing to Cake

We are always looking for contributions, so don’t be shy. There are two ways to get involved:

1. Documentation:

The Cookbook is ready to accept your input. Everyone can help with the documentation effort by simply logging in with your Bakery account, writing (or editing) a section and submitting it for review. The application is still under development, so if you find a problem, submit a ticket following the recommended procedure. Visit #cakephp-docs on

2. Bugs, Enhancements and Optimizations:

Contributing code to CakePHP is easy: Submit test cases and attach them to tickets. That’s it. Fame, glory, and praise to all those who make the effort.

Thanks to all those who have already contributed to CakePHP. We look forward to everyone’s future contributions.

Take a look at the source code for the drivers.

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