How to upgrade the Acer Aspire One (model 110) BIOS using a USB thumb drive

Note that upgrading the BIOS using an USB thumb drive is NOT needed if you have Windows XP or Windows Vista installed on your Acer Aspire One netbook.

Prepare the USB thumb drive (need 64MB or larger):

  1. Install FreeDOS on your USB thumbdrive by using Unetbootin.
  2. Download the latest (currently 3309) BIOS from Acer’s ftp server
  3. Extract all the files in the zip file onto your USB thumb drive

On the Acer Aspire One machine:

  1. Insert the prepared USB thumb drive into an USB port on the Aspire One
  2. Reboot
  3. Hit the “F12” button every second or so until the boot drive menu appears
  4. Choose the option for USB HD or similar
  5. Hit enter when presented with a PC Linux boot screen (it will boot into FreeDOS)
  6. When the FreeDOS boot menu shows up, choose “safe mode” (no drivers loaded)
  7. From the dos prompt, change to the c drive by typing “C:” and enter
  8. Type “dir *.bat”, you should see 3309.bat (if you downloaded the 3309 BIOS).  Run that by typing “3309.bat”
  9. If all goes well, reboot

Above is a variant of the instructions found on Macles website.

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