Perl module Flickr::Simple2 v0.03 for the Flickr API released!

I just uploaded the Perl module Flickr::Simple2 version 0.03 to CPAN (PAUSE) so it might be a few minutes/hours before it shows up in the CPAN mirrors.

Revision history for Perl extension Flickr::Simple2.

0.03  Wed May 13 11:18:00 2009
– significant changes to the API to make more methods of the Flickr API available.
– using Iterator::Simple so we can retrieve one photo at a time and internalize the handling of Flickr Photo *pages*
0.02  Initial CPAN release
0.01  Thu Feb 12 11:33:35 2009
– original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
-XA -n Flickr::Simple2

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