Be a supervillain for halloween (FW: Space Channel)

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Be a superhero for Halloween (fw: Space Channel)

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Trying to compile gspca on Ubuntu 9.04 or another recent Linux distribution? We have the way!


On August 12th, 2009 Baires Norte Lug (not verified) says:Linux Journal Magazine

Kernel >= 2.6.27

tar -zxvf gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz
cd gspcav1-20071224
cat ../gspca.diff | patch -p1
sudo ./gspca_build

Happy !!!!


Slackware Rulez 😛

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Thievery in Flossmoor, Illinois School District 161.. Where your money is really going to

Please email the Flossmoor School District 161 School Board and let them know what you think!

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