Get it here! Perl DBD::Sybase 1.09.01 for Active State Perl 5.10 and 5.8 on Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit

Assuming that you installed Sybase OpenClient 15.5 from the 15.5 PC Client:

Install ActiveState Perl from (free) and install DBI if it isn’t already installed.  It should be but you never know…

  1. Start -> ActiveState Perl -> Perl Package Manager
  2. install DBI
  3. exit

Now, the easy part.  Install the DBD::Sybase 1.09.01 PPM:

  1. download DBD::Sybase 1.09.01 PPM
  2. extract zip file to temporary directory (e.g. c:\test)
  3. Start -> Run -> cmd.exe (as Administrator if Vista or Windows 7)
  4. cd \test
  5. ppm install DBD-Sybase.ppd
  6. exit

That’s it 🙂

It should automatically install the DBD::Sybase for Perl 5.8 or 5.10 depending on which version of Active State Perl you have installed.

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10 Replies to “Get it here! Perl DBD::Sybase 1.09.01 for Active State Perl 5.10 and 5.8 on Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit”

  1. Hi,

    I installed this package on my system which is running per 5.10.0, build #1005 from activestate. The package seems to install without a problem, but I get the following error when i try to run a program using dbd-syabse…

    “the procedure entry point Perl_croak_xs_usage could not be located in the dynamic link library perl510.dll”

    Anyone have any idea as to what a possible workaround could be?



  2. I get The procedure entry point Perl_hv_common_key_len could not be located in the dynamic link library perl58.dll. I guess that means I need perl 5.10.0

  3. got it to work using perl 5.10.1
    1. fix the environment variables in your perl script like
    2. ensure LANG is off
    set LANG
    3. copy %SYBASE%localesmessageenglish %SYBASE%localesmessageus_english
    4. start SYBASE DB for me that was an ObjectServer %OMNIHOME%binnco_objserv -name RIVERS
    5. perl -I….. -server RIVERS -user root -password ”
    > select count(*) from alerts.status;
    >5 records found

  4. Hello Jason,
    Activestate perl 5.12 is out for some time now. Can you also provide a DBD::Sybase ppm for this distribution, please? Or is it difficult to create a ppm myself? Just by renaming the contents of the .gz Archive of the 5.10 ppm probably won’t suffice. I guess a dll must be compiled.
    Best regards

  5. Hi Jason, this is a very helpful post. I have been looking for some clear guide in installing Perl package, and I’ve bumped into your website. 😀 Very useful post you’ve got here!

  6. Hello Jason,

    Many thanks for making this available. I reckon it is a testimony to how difficult it is to get the DBD::Sybase module for Windows.

    I am trying to get this module into my Windows 7 environment (actually a corporate environment) but am still struggling. My env is 64 bit and what you built seems to be 32 bit so unfortunately I cannot use it. I am curious as to how you built it. Could you post instructions please? I am trying to use cpan and dmake/minGw but it fails at link time because it tries to link in various native win32 libs but cannot find them. It is as if the Makefile.PL tries to link in the win32 API when using minGW.

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