VMware 2.0.2 running on Win2k3 -> VMware ESX 4.0 .. done :)

I was able to move a VMware Server 2.0 (v7) vm to VMware ESX..  it was a *live* copy where I performed a Windows Volume Shadow copy of the vm files.  Everything worked for the most part but because the database, Sybase ASE 15.0.3, was running when the shadow copy was made, we had corruption in one database.  Restore from backup and all is good.

Now we need to get an updated license file from Sybase as the NIC mac address has changed..   You can *not* use the mac address from the VMware Server on ESX.  grr.

Twenty hours for the volume shadow copy to complete plus another 12 hours to scp the files to the esx box (esx console access is sloooow).   Keep in mind that the host VMware Server box was rebooting itself randomly so I really couldn’t leave it alone.  Then 3 hours to convert/clone the vmdk files and 2 hours to correct the database…  I’m tired.

It turned out to be an issue with allocating 3.75GB to a VM that was causing the rebooting.  Dropping it to 2 GB resolved the rebooting… who knew?  Nothing in Google and VMware Support wasn’t able to find anything on their side.

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How to: How to copy an Oracle tablespace across platforms – quick and dirty ;-)

On the source machine:
Set the tablespace(s) into read only mode

Alter tablespace <tablespace> read only

Export the tablespace meta data using export

expdp system/<password> DUMPFILE=expdat.dmp DIRECTORY = dpump_dir TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES = <list of tablespaces separated by commas> TRANSPORT_FULL_CHECK=Y

If the dumpdir is not set up, you will get an ‘invalid’ directory error:

CREATE DIRECTORY dmpdir as ‘/somedir’;
GRANT read,write on DIRECTORY to system;

Export the data converting on the fly:
Determine the platform name for the destination machine:

rman TARGET /
RMAN> CONVERT TABLESPACE </list><list of tablespaces separated by commas> to PLATFORM ‘<platform name from previous step>’  FORMAT=’/somedir/%U’;
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