Western Digital’s Firmware 1.04.10 blocks PlayOn Media Server (workaround)

Western Digital released firmware upgrade 1.04.10 yesterday (November 27th) for the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player and Western Digital WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player.  This caused the media players (little boxes that hook up to the tv) to no longer see some network media servers such as Playon from MediaMall Technologies.

There is currently no fix but we do have a workaround:  downgrade the firmware to 1.03.49.  Don’t worry it is very easy.

  1. Download the firmware from Western Digital
  2. Unzip the file to a USB thumb drive (make sure you put it in the top directory)
  3. Insert the thumb drive into the WD box
  4. Press the Home button (blue button)
  5. Upgrade the firmware (note that the version number displayed for the old firmware will show up as a larger number – this is necessary for it to downgrade the firmware)
  6. That’s it
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Upgrading Sybase ASE 12.5.4 -> 15.0.3 esd 4 & bug # 643188


We’ve been upgrading a number of Sybase ASE databases from the end-of-life’d 12.5.x to v15.0.3 esd 4 the last few weeks.   My coworker (Degang He) ran into an interesting error when the upgrade process was failing on sysprocedures.

Database 'my_db': beginning upgrade step [ID 26]: alter table (table sysprocedures)
Command has been aborted.

Msg 3461, Level 20, State 1:
Server 'my_server', Line 1:
Database 'my_db': upgrade could not install required upgrade item '26'. Please refer to previous error messages to determine the problem. Fix the problem, then try again.

Msg 3451, Level 20, State 1:
Server 'my_server', Line 1:
Database 'my_db': upgrade has failed for this database. Please refer to previous messages for the cause of the failure, correct the problem and try again.

Msg 3454, Level 20, State 1:
Server 'my_server', Line 1:

Database 'my_db': ASE could not completely upgrade this database; upgrade item 1501 could not be installed.

We looked on Sybase’s Solved Cases and Google but didn’t find anything that would really fit the problem.  So we called up Sybase Technical Support.  Somdev Sharma of Sybase was able to determine that this was a bug in the ASE 15x codeline and provided a workaround:

CR #643188:

Title Online database failed with 3461 error during upgrade , ‘max parallel degree’ >1


Before online the database, disable parallel sort via sp_configure ‘max parallel degree’,1


Online database failed with 3461, 3451 and 3454 errors during upgrade sysprocedures table (upgrade  item ’26’). If ‘max parallel degree’ > 1, then please disable parallel sort with sp_configure ‘max parallel degree’, 1.

After disabling parallel sort, the database was upgraded successfully.

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Run multiple versions of Perl from your home directory

Run multiple versions of Perl from your home directory using Perlbrew!

One thing to know:  Perl won’t compile if you have an encrypted home directory. 🙁 Bug has been fixed but not exactly how and it hasn’t been put into the Ubuntu updates yet.
Thanks goes to Kang-min Liu for creating Perlbrew!!!! 🙂

The recommended way to install perlbrew is to run these statements in your shell:

curl -LO http://xrl.us/perlbrew
    chmod +x perlbrew
    ./perlbrew install

After that, perlbrew installs itself to ~/perl5/perlbrew/bin, and you should follow the instruction on screen to setup your .bashrc or .cshrc to put it in your PATH.

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A bit of fun: R2D2 Swimsuit ;-)

R2D2 Swimsuit

From www.geeksaresexy.net

Now, only if my wife would accept a R2D2 swimsuit for Channukah….  Any helpful advice?

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Perl Books online

Modern Perl  by chromaticModern Perl by chromatic (FREE ebook!)


The Perl Language Reference Manual (for Perl version 5.12.1)

The Perl Language Reference Manual (for Perl version 5.12.1)

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