Upgrading Sybase ASE 12.5.4 -> 15.0.3 esd 4 & bug # 643188


We’ve been upgrading a number of Sybase ASE databases from the end-of-life’d 12.5.x to v15.0.3 esd 4 the last few weeks.   My coworker (Degang He) ran into an interesting error when the upgrade process was failing on sysprocedures.

Database 'my_db': beginning upgrade step [ID 26]: alter table (table sysprocedures)
Command has been aborted.

Msg 3461, Level 20, State 1:
Server 'my_server', Line 1:
Database 'my_db': upgrade could not install required upgrade item '26'. Please refer to previous error messages to determine the problem. Fix the problem, then try again.

Msg 3451, Level 20, State 1:
Server 'my_server', Line 1:
Database 'my_db': upgrade has failed for this database. Please refer to previous messages for the cause of the failure, correct the problem and try again.

Msg 3454, Level 20, State 1:
Server 'my_server', Line 1:

Database 'my_db': ASE could not completely upgrade this database; upgrade item 1501 could not be installed.

We looked on Sybase’s Solved Cases and Google but didn’t find anything that would really fit the problem.  So we called up Sybase Technical Support.  Somdev Sharma of Sybase was able to determine that this was a bug in the ASE 15x codeline and provided a workaround:

CR #643188:

Title Online database failed with 3461 error during upgrade , ‘max parallel degree’ >1


Before online the database, disable parallel sort via sp_configure ‘max parallel degree’,1


Online database failed with 3461, 3451 and 3454 errors during upgrade sysprocedures table (upgrade  item ’26’). If ‘max parallel degree’ > 1, then please disable parallel sort with sp_configure ‘max parallel degree’, 1.

After disabling parallel sort, the database was upgraded successfully.

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4 Replies to “Upgrading Sybase ASE 12.5.4 -> 15.0.3 esd 4 & bug # 643188”

  1. Interesting read and I am glad you posted. A colleague at work tells me we cannot upgrade from 12.5.x to 15.x and we will need to backup every server and install ASE 15 from scratch. I will keep this post handy for a quick test.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this solution. I also faced the same issue and because of this post, I could bring the database online immediately.

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