GIMP Magazine Issue 3 has been released!

GIMP Magazine Issue 3



  • We are featuring the cover story on Andrea Zanovello, a highly talented photographer with some stunning shots to gaze at.  In an exclusive interview Andrea tells us all about his photography and what he hopes for in the next version of GIMP
  • We have the first ever Issue of “The Hunt for Wilber” a graphic novel by Dave Lepek, illustrated by Yeshua Nel, who you may know from the Master Class featured in Issue 2 of GIMP Magazine.  Yeshua has joined our team as a regular contributor / illustrator
  • We completed a 70+ point comparison between GIMP 2.8.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 Extended
  • We have a full length article on motion photography from Ian Muttoo who you may know from the cover story of Issue #1.  Ian has joined our team as a regular contributor
  • A whole lotta G’MIC coming your way.  We have a collection of G’MIC articles.  Debi Dalio who joined our team recently has given us three articles: a full length feature article about G’MIC and how it works, a super groovy tutorial on how to create a rotoidoscope pattern, and finally a product review of G’MIC.
  • Oma Dial has delivered a book review of, “The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons: a Field Guide to Japanese Yokai”.  The interesting twist is that this full length book is not a training guide, but rather was created using GIMP and other open source tools
  • We have a few short features on other talented photographers
  • We have an incredible photography gallery that we are positive will inspire you
  • We have continued our Tips and Tricks feature
  • And we wrapped all of this is in a very cool looking magazine
  • Oh yeah, did I mention that GIMP Magazine is FREE?

GIMP Magazine


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