Sybase IQ: Best Practices guide (free) and Manuals are now available

SAP/Sybase released SAP Sybase IQ 16 Best Practices Guide for their data warehouse product IQ.

This document presents the best practices for IQ 16. It includes recommendations for using and configuring the most important features of IQ, and precautions for avoiding and troubleshooting some of its most common issues. It also highlights IQ 16’s most significant new features and describes the latest enhancements to existing features. This document is intended to serve as a starting point for optimizing your implementation of IQ 16. As a general purpose document, it is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for every environment. Rather, it is a set of guidelines, suggestions and observations on how to better use IQ 16 and its newest capabilities

The manuals for Sybase IQ 16 are also online now.

New features in IQ 16. Most of the changes appear to revolve around multiplex (1 writer and many reader IQ instances) environments with a few minor changes such as the removal of the APPEND LOAD.

If you’re performing updates in a single server environment, you may benefit from RLV (Row Level Versioned) Store:

New in IQ 16 is the RLV (Row Level Versioned) Store – This is an in-memory delta store that is optimized for high performance row-level updates. It is currently supported only in an IQ simplex configuration (single server). The RLV store acts as a staging area for write events. If a table is enabled for the RLV store, then all LOAD TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE events write directly to the RLV store. In-memory data in the RLV store is automatically (and periodically) merged into the IQ main store. You can set parameters for automatic merges, and you can merge ondemand.


YMMV as always.

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