Sybase Control Center and SAP

Now that SAP is exerting control over the policies and procedures within Sybase, will Sybase Control Center be

redesigned to be usable?  I mean, it appears to be only partially implemented, provides no historical information, limited performance metrics, no ability to create reports, allows only one ‘user’ at a time, et cetera.  I know in the past, a certain Sybase Partner had a temper tantrum when Sybase demonstrated SCC at TechWave.  (I was in the room when one of the reps had the fit), so will SAP be able to push back and design/develop Sybase Control Center into something useful?

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One Reply to “Sybase Control Center and SAP”

  1. Version 3.2.8 service pack 1 of Sybase Control Center. Is it usable? No. Do you seriously expect us to use this thing as a replacement for the horrid Sybase Central? Seriously SAP/Sybase?

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