HOWTO: Truncate or Backup the Transaction Log in SAP Sybase IQ Data Warehouse

SAP Sybase IQ for more than a decade has resided with an embedded SQL Anywhere instance. SQL Anywhere handles the grunt tasks of managing connections and the like while IQ does what it does best: be a DATA WAREHOUSE. No, your 4 terabyte database doesn’t make it a data warehouse simply because it is big. A data warehouse is a complete different animal to your DBMS.

If you want to backup the transaction log, you simply need to issue a command:

dbbackup -x -c "uid=dba;eng=myiq;dbn=myiq;pwd=SQL" \

If you need a quick truncation of the transaction log, you omit the file name:

dbbackup -x -c "uid=dba;eng=myiq;dbn=myiq;pwd=SQL"

Please note that you need to use double quotes not single quotes.


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