SAP Sybase IQ: How many connections are in use? SOLVED

Very simple question. Very simple answer.

    @@max_connections as 'max_connections', 
    count(*) as 'active_connections', 
    (1 - (@@max_connections - count(*)) / convert(numeric, @@max_connections)) * 100 as 'percent_active' 
  from sp_iqconnection();


 max_connections active_connections percent_active
 --------------- ------------------ ---------------------
             350                 68               19.4286

@@max_ connections: For the network server, the maximum number of active clients (not database connections, as each client can support multiple connections). For Adaptive Server Enterprise, the maximum number of connections to the server. — Sybase IQ > Reference: Building Blocks, Tables, and Procedures > SQL Language Elements > Variables

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