The ramblings of a geek often have interesting side effects of often being entertaining and sometimes correct.  Jason L. Froebe talks about many subjects but primarily databases and perl.

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    1. I’m more of the opinion of using the right dbms for the task at hand. I honestly don’t have a preference with the exception of Microsoft Access. I personally don’t like Microsoft Access.

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  2. Hi Jason,

    Do you still work on DBD::Sybase? The most recent references to it are about 2 years old.

    I am attempting to move some Perl programs that interact with Sybase, from their original FreeBSD home to a Windows server with ActivePerl. So far I’ve been unable to install DBD::Sybase on the Windows machine – I’ve tried the GUI version of PPM (DBD::Sybase is not in the default repositories), CPAN (seems to be there but fatal errors on install), and I downloaded v. 1.14 to install manually with command-line ppd, but I get errors to the effect that the product doesn’t match my environment (Win 7 64-bit).

    Would you have any suggestions?



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