Wanted: SAP manuals in ePub format

Every time SAP comes out with a new set ofSybase SAP pdf manuals, the meta data has to be corrected. Often the stored titles, description, etc are wildly wrong. Very sloppy and unprofessional for a mega corp the size of SAP.

The ePub book format has been out for many years and has many features that make it tablet, phone, PC, whatever friendly. Reading a SAP manual at night? No problem, change the font color to white on black so you don’t wake your spouse. The font is too small? No problem, choose a larger or different font. You can’t do any of that with a PDF. Try reading the ASE Admin guides on a 4″ iPhone. I dare you. You might as well pour salt in your eye sockets.

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Looking for photos from Sybase TechWave 2008? Check out the Sybase TechWave 2008 Flickr group!

Go to Sybase TechWave 2008 Flickr group

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At Sybase TechWave in Vegas, I demonstrate the “Tim Tam Slam”

Jason L. Froebe, TeamSybase, ISUG Board Member, and MyDatabases magazine publisher, demonstrates the Tim Tam Slam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_tam_slam

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Letting a Troll disrupt your day.. Don’t feed the troll!

Over on the sybase-l mailing list, IDo Not Feed the Troll let a troll cloud my good sense for a few minutes.  As an ISUG board member and a member of TeamSybase and as an adult, I must not allow myself to be baited so.  Please forgive me for losing my cool.

All in all, I’ve had a better weekend than Jeff Simmermon over at andiamnotlying.compouring espresso on ice is a bad thing according to some coffee shops.  *shakes head*

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Get $5,000 from Sybase for your “How We Did It” video (contest)

Now until July 30th, Sybase is accepting videos from companies,
students, mega corps, hobbyists and the ghost that lives in your
attic.  The video has to describe how you used Sybase products to do
something ‘cool’ (in Sybase marketing speak: create an innovative solution to a real-world challenge).  The videos must be original (you own the rights), under 3 minutes and file size of less than 50MB.

From The Sybase “How We Did It” Video Challenge:


  • First Prize: $5,000
  • Second Prize: Flip Mino compact video camera ($180 value)
  • Third Prize: Flip Ultra compact video camera ($150 value)

Contest Rules

  • Please submit only your own original content
  • Any video content or comments will be approved by Sybase prior to being posted to the site
  • Sybase
    employees and contractors and members of their immediate families are
    not eligible to participate in the contest. Sybase reserves the right
    to terminate the contest at our discretion
  • You must accept the terms & conditions of the contest
  • Non-English entries are welcome but need to be subtitled
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate

Enter the Sybase Video Challenge

Submission Requirements & Judging Criteria

  • Deadline for submissions is on July 31, 2008
  • Video must be less than three minutes in length with a file size of no more than 50MB
  • Please include a “credits” section at the end of your video with your name and contact information
  • Include a mention of the Sybase, Sybase iAnywhere or Sybase 365 product used in your solution
  • Online viewers and TechWave
    attendees will rate the videos throughout the contest. A panel of
    judges will select finalists from the top online rated videos, based on
    the following criteria:

    • Originality
    • Creativity
    • Clarity of message showing how you succeeded using Sybase software
  • The winner will be chosen at TechWave by popular vote via SMS
  • To enter your video, follow the Submission Guidelines section below

Submission Guidelines

  • Videos can be submitted online after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, or by sending a DVD to Sybase Inc.

    Video Contest

    One Sybase Dr., A2014B

    Dublin, CA 94568

  • Before uploading please fill out the entry form and create a zip file containing the video and the entry form. Upload this zip file to submit your entry
  • You must agree to the contest Terms & Conditions before you can upload your video

Review the terms and conditions and upload your video.

So, get out there and create your video because if you don’t, you won’t win $5,000 from Sybase!  TeamSybase and ISUG members are eligible! 🙂

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ISUG, Board of Directors and me

After talking with Mike Harold, the Executive Director of ISUG, I’ve nominated myself for one of the three Director positions on the ISUG board of directors.  I asked Mike many many questions, both on the sybase-l mailing list and in private emails. 

Mike Harrold
Posted: Sep 21, 2007 01:54 PM
To:  sybase-l@lists.isug.com
Subject:  re: How to be placed on the ballot for the next election?


Nominations can be submitted by completing the nomination form at:


But first, read the news item at:


There are qualifications for some positions that need to be met otherwise the nominations will be rejected. Obviously it is much better if people read the requirements before they nominate themselves, but that sometimes doesn’t happen…


Mike Harrold
Executive Director
International Sybase User Group
Email: Mike.Harrold@NOSPAMMING!isug.com
Support the Sybase Community and
Join ISUG today at http://my.isug.com/join

I would like to try to help ISUG and the Sybase community more than just being a member of TeamSybase and this blog.  Please vote for me when the ballots are given out.


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A few video clips from Sybase TechWave 2007

Taken from Sybase’s website

 Video Clips
Watch the Video Sybase on the ‘Right Track’
Yasmina Osseiran, a lead database administrator for Thomson Financial, thinks Sybase’s vision for the future is “on the dot.”
Watch the Video John Chen’s Keynote: ‘Very Informative’
Kathryn Gause, a database administrator for Thomson Financial, found comfort in the future of her job from Sybase Chairman, CEO and President John Chen’s keynote address at TechWave 2007.
Watch the Video Proud to be a ‘PowerBuilder Weenie’
TeamSybase member Millard Brown, president of Gateway Systems, has come to every TechWave since 1994. See what this self-proclaimed “PowerBuilder weenie” is looking for in this year’s conference.
Watch the Video PowerBuilder and .Net Classes: Way Better than Microsoft
Dawn Brown Eyes, a senior engineer from L3, appreciates the fact that TechWave training gives her exactly what she’s looking for.

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TeamSybase is Pushing for New TeamSybase Members

This is the first time since 1998 that there was a big push for new TeamSybase members. I’m not certain if we are going to be see a loosening of the TeamSybase requirements. I’m looking forward to having new members but at the same time I’m a little hesitant as the group is the best of the best. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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Replicating Logins, Passwords, Users and Groups

Back at the dawn of the new millennia, Mark A. Parsons created and presented Replicating Logins, Passwords, Users, and Groups at the Sybase TechWave Australasia 2000 conference.  He provides different methods on how to keep specific tables in the master databases in sync across replicated servers.  This is extremely important in warm standby environments.

Kudos to Mark! 🙂

Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons is an independent consultant currently working in North America. He has been working with Sybase ASE since 1991. His skill set covers all areas touching on the ASE dataserver, with recent emphasis on performance and tuning as well as production support and troubleshooting.Joined TeamSybase: 2006
Products Supported: Adaptive Server Enterprise, Replication Server


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TeamSybase Annual Meeting: ASE 15 mixed mode

mixed load is the only official support mode

  • starting in ASE 15.0.2 – support for OLTP and DSS modes

I had never heard of this prior to coming to this year’s TeamSybase Annual Meeting. 🙁

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