TeamSybase Annual Meeting: ASE 15 mixed mode

mixed load is the only official support mode

  • starting in ASE 15.0.2 – support for OLTP and DSS modes

I had never heard of this prior to coming to this year’s TeamSybase Annual Meeting. 🙁

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TeamSybase Annual Meeting: ASE 15 P&T Guide update

The Performance & Tuning Guide for version 15 of ASE has been broken up into five manuals. They will be released to SyBooks as they become available from the technical writers. The estimated first book release is summer of this year! 🙂

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TeamSybase Annual Meeting: RepServer & MySQL

The replication capabilities of MySQL are relatively primitive when compared to the more mature Replication Server from Sybase. Sybase expects to support full featured replication using Sybase’s Replication Server in late 2008 with MySQL. This would be an add-on (RepServer Options) to the standard Replication Server product. Keep in mind that this is a tentative time frame and it can arrive sooner or later than 2008.

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TeamSybase Annual Meeting: Sybase Workspace 2.0 (Project: Tonga)

There are a number of enhancements that are scheduled to be Sybase’s Workspace version 2.0. Keep in mind that these features are tentative and may be kept or dropped when Workspace 2.0 is released. I received permission from Sybase’s Project Management to mention this information. 🙂

    • Support for Eclipse’s update service for the Sybase components of Workspace
    • Enterprise Manager entirely replaces Database Manager
    • embedded PowerDesigner 12.5
    • Eclipse 3.3
    • Possible Linux and/or Mac OSX version
    • Network Installer
    • Windows Vista support

      Database Development

        • DDL generation of multiple objects including permissions
        • Visual SQL enhancements (adhoc queries)
        • intelligent sql statement templates (stored procedures)
        • RTMS MQ Series support
        • wizard & schema support for IQ specific indexes and query plans
        • multiple object wizard for drops & execution on RepServer
        • enhanced integration for RepConnector Manager
        • Adoption of DTP framework

          Services Development

            • Development of logical services
            • declarative composite services
            • support for ws-security API
            • Publish & subscribe to JMS Topics
            • Build properties editor usability enhancements

              Data Federation

                  Web App Development


                      • eclipse 3.3 support
                        1. help system keyword index
                        2. composite cheat sheets
                        3. new welcome framework
                      • enhanced packaging and development
                      • enhanced enterprise explorer
                      • support access to ldap directories, including connection profile storage
                      • capability support
                      • greater configuration of desktop
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                      Dublin, California here I come!

                      I’m returning to California for the annual TeamSybase meeting this weekend. Not only do we get additional training, but we are able to grab the ears, figuratively, of engineering and project management. If any one has anything they would like me to bring up with Sybase’s Engineering, Project Management or brass, please reply to this post or email me.

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