Wanted: SAP manuals in ePub format

Every time SAP comes out with a new set ofSybase SAP pdf manuals, the meta data has to be corrected. Often the stored titles, description, etc are wildly wrong. Very sloppy and unprofessional for a mega corp the size of SAP.

The ePub book format has been out for many years and has many features that make it tablet, phone, PC, whatever friendly. Reading a SAP manual at night? No problem, change the font color to white on black so you don’t wake your spouse. The font is too small? No problem, choose a larger or different font. You can’t do any of that with a PDF. Try reading the ASE Admin guides on a 4″ iPhone. I dare you. You might as well pour salt in your eye sockets.

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Sybase’s PowerBuilder v12 is powerful, .NET based, and wonderful! Why you shouldn’t use it

The following is MY perception of Sybase’s PowerBuilder:

Years ago PowerBuilder was king.  No one could touch it.  It was relatively inexpensive.  Microsoft’s Visual Basic matured and the Pascal based Borland’s Delphi was released.  Then it fell and fall it did.


As it was falling from the throne Sybase purchased Powersoft, makers of PowerBuilder.  As the the market share continued to shrink, PowerBuilder developers had more difficulty in finding new projects.  Most new development was written in Visual Basic or Java.

Years went by with marketing of PowerBuilder little more than the occasional road show, TechWave presentations and the ISUG Technical Journal ads catered towards existing customers.  Little to no effort was put forth by Sybase to gain new PowerBuilder customers.

During this week’s Sybase TechWave, PowerBuilder version 12 was released.  It has all the whistles and kitchen sinks you could ask for.   An amazing tool for development!  Too bad no one outside of the die hard PowerBuilder programmers will use it.

Blasphemy!  Heretic!

Consider this:

Sybase owns PowerBuilder.  It owns the PowerBuilder software, PowerBuilder language, PowerScript, the PowerBuilder vm, and everything PowerBuilder.

No problem right?

What will happen to PowerBuilder when Sybase is bought out by another company?  Products with tiny market share like PowerBuilder would likely be killed or in a state of limbo for several years.  Anyone remember what happened when IBM bought Informix?

Do you really want to bet your career and business on a software development tool that is locked to a single smallish vendor?

Maybe, perhaps, if Sybase were to release the PowerBuilder 4GL language and PowerScript to the world like Microsoft did with the C# and Visual Basic languages and Sun with Java…   Perhaps if Sybase would allow 3rd parties to develop tools based around the PowerBuilder language royalty free…


I mean, really, what benefit could Sybase have to cripple the PowerBuilder developers?

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Short video clips of Model View Controller (MVC) methodology

Hi all,

I found these excellent short simple videos over at FiveRuns Blog explaining the Model View Controller (MVC) methodology:

#1 – Controller Obesity

MVC #2 – The Importance of Tests

MVC #3 – Keeping Views Stupid

MVC #4 – Staying RESTful

MVC Public Service Announcement #5 – Outdated HTML

MVC Public Service Announcement #6 : Modularity from EnvyAds on Vimeo.

MVC Public Service Announcements : Out-takes from EnvyAds on Vimeo.

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Anne Walker wins Sybase’s video contest!

From the official announcement:

A video featuring an intrepid corporate reporter and her real-time hunt for her on-the-move CEO was the winner of the Sybase “How We Did It” Video Challenge.

“Finding Jono,” created by Anne Walker of St George Bank, Treasury & Valorem Systems Australia, follows Walker from Valorem Systems headquarters to the local mall and ultimately the mall parking garage in her quest to find CEO Jon Tinberg. She is able to track his movements thanks to a company system featuring such Sybase solutions as ASE, PowerBuilder, PocketBuilder and MobiLink synchronization technology.

Attendees of TechWave 2008 selected “Finding Jono” as the winner of the challenge after viewing it and other video submissions over the course of the conference week and voting via text message. Walker won the top prize of $5,000 for the submission.

Second-place winner in the contest was “Desktop Widget,” produced by Team Sybase’s Bruce Armstrong. The second-place ranking earned Armstrong a Flip Mino compact video camera.

Contest voters rated the videos based on originality, creativity and how well the video showcased the company’s innovative use of Sybase software to solve a real-world challenge.

Sybase extends its congratulations to the winners.

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Looking for photos from Sybase TechWave 2008? Check out the Sybase TechWave 2008 Flickr group!

Go to Sybase TechWave 2008 Flickr group

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At Sybase TechWave in Vegas, I demonstrate the “Tim Tam Slam”

Jason L. Froebe, TeamSybase, ISUG Board Member, and MyDatabases magazine publisher, demonstrates the Tim Tam Slam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_tam_slam

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Sybase TechWave 2008: Karaoke!

Please comment on the singers’ names please 🙂


Living on a Prayer

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (part 1)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (part 2)

Love Shack

??? and Christine Weber

Mack the Knife

Thunder Road

Eric Van Patten and Millard F. Brown III


Nina Hunter

Material Girl

(left to right) Christine Weber, Katherine Soong, and Nina Hunter. A surprise appearance by Phil Bowermaster!

Come Together

Phil Bowermaster

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The July/August issue of the ISUG Technical Journal is out! Also known as the “TechWave” issue

Dear ISUG Member,

ISUG is pleased to announce that the special TechWave issue of the ISUG Technical Journal is now available.  Green and Gold members can access the issue online at http://my.isug.com/p/do/sd/sid=1308&type=0 (Gold members will also receive the printed copy within the next 2-4 weeks.)

Basic and Associate Members can see an abstract of the issue, containing the first page of each article at http://my.isug.com/p/do/sd/sid=1311&type=0 — if you like what you see and want to read more, simply upgrade your membership today and you can read the full online version!

Plus!  Green and Gold members can now also view the Journal using the iViewer technology from PCS. Simply goto www.isug.com/iViewer (login using your my.isug.com account if requested) and you’ll be on your way!


Bryan Enochs
President, ISUG

If you’re not a member of ISUG, please join today or at Sybase’s TechWave, in Las Vegas, to gain access to the ISUG Technical Journal 🙂

International Sybase User Group
International Sybase User Group
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Need votes on ISUG ASE enhancements!

Id    Enhancement Title

3347 Allow for load with no_data into a smaller database
3090 Maintenance user update only for replicate database in warm standby.
3351 Add suid argument to sp_addlogin
3053 Allow for dropping of an audit table
3257 Change MDA datatypes to unsigned 2/4/8 byte integer

International Sybase Users Group
International Sybase Users Group

3252 J2EE connector for ASE
3125 grantable create/drop index
3092 Getting stats about the total amount of log generated by a query
3057 sp_add_resource_limit works now for the datasegment for tempdb, extends also for the log segment
3277 The MDA table monSysStatement PagesModified volumn is always 0
3088 Extract SQL statements from ASE log
3099 Provide a “zero-fill” function – or more generic “fill” function
3118 Concurrency issue
3133 Allow computed columns to be defined in terms of another computed column(s)
2452 Allow ASE Replicator login to be aliased to ‘dbo’.
3355 # tables / Stored Procedures managment
3273 add support for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and CURRENT_USER ANSI standard features
3228 sp_dboption ‘no auditing’
3354 Stored Procedure Complilation
3286 Allow UDF to reference another UDF which hasn’t been created yet.
3323 Introduce array structures (varying arrays) and user-defined object datatypes
3234 generic function/procedure parameters
3325 Ability to store and extract sql for jTDS stored procedures
3453 Collect MDA stats at the stored procedure level
3376 Implement ANSI SQL-99 “WITH clause” in SELECT statement
3408 Allow creation of stored procs refereencing #tables when #tables don’t exist
3416 Handle ‘LIKE’ as effectively as ‘=’ when no pattern matching performed
3404 force load
3434 Less restrictive login name rules
3417 LDAP – Allow authentication to multiple domains on a per account basis
3377 Add windowing analytic clause in aggregates for complex calculations
3331 Enforce ANSI limitations on GROUP BY
3345 Allow output of ASE 15 optmizer diagnostics to client without DBCC TRACEON(3604)
3429 Release ASE for MAC OSX Intel
3375 Add GREATEST() and LEAST() built-in list functions
3450 Allow builtins/UDFs as arguments to SPs/UDFs
2067 Sybase Engineering’s Proposed CR #270078
3440 Implement Multiversion Consistency/Concurrency Control (MVCC)
3419 Support compiler directives in T-SQL procedures/functions
3403 New Feature Request to handle Money format for Indian Currency(Fetaure Request 447294)

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What is with the ISUG Enhancements versus Sybase CR/Bugs on the sybase-product-futures mailing list?

In the MSA and System transactions performedby maint user thread on the sybase-product-futures mailing list, Jeff Tallman mentions thatInternational Sybase Users Group someone needs to create an ISUG enhancement or a Sybase change request (CR).  Mike Harrold let everyone know that even through creating a Sybase CR is put in the Sybase engineering queue, it doesn’t mean that an engineer will actually look at it let alone have product management approve it to be implemented.

Jeff hits the nail on the head.  You have a voice with the ISUG enhancements process. Use it.  And yes, you have to be paid member to vote. Sorry, but we are a non-profit and your membership fees keep us running!  You can vote as a Basic Member – you do not need to join at the higher membership levels (but you should so you can read all the wonderful articles Jeff writes for us).  The more votes, the easier it is for engineering to justify spending staff resources on it when they go to management.  Encourage all of your peers to join and vote as well.  If you work for a business with several Sybase users, convince your boss to pay for a corporate membership and get all your colleagues to vote as well. 🙂

Mike Harrold
Executive Director


Having an “internal enhancement” (aka a CR) doesn’t mean it gets implemented.  It means there’s a CR for it.  It might be a great idea, but without backing (and a user request + an engineer doesn’t mean it has backing; look how long it took for UDFs, mathematical functions, etc.) it doesn’t get allocated any development resources.  Without development resources, it doesn’t get implemented.

Bottom line, a CR doesn’t mean it’s a “planned” feature.


Mike Harrold
Executive Director
International Sybase User Group

I would recommend voting for the ISUG enhancements (this week).  I and several other ISUG Board members will be going through the ISUG enhancements this weekend to present a subset to Sybase product management at TechWave next month.

I haven’t seen many ISUG enhancements being requested lately or voted upon for that matter.  The higher the votes for a particular enhancement, the more likely Sybase will pick it up.

So please, everyone go vote on the ISUG enhancements! 🙂

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