Lansing, Michigan: Victory Summer Party THIS SUNDAY August 14th, 2016

Join us for a Victory Martial Arts of Okemossummer picnic at Lake Lansing Park South!

Schedule of events:

  • 2:00 PM – Test prep class for all students
  • 3:00 PM – Family Class
  • 4:00 PM – Potluck and games. Please sign up for a dish to pass if you haven’t already done so 🙂

Team Victory Okemos:

Master Faett, Director
Master Faett Director
Ms. Sims Program Director
Ms. Sims
Program Director
Mr. Rodriguez Chief Instructor
Mr. Rodriguez
Chief Instructor


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Week of 8/8/2016 at Victory Martial Arts of Okemos

August 8th and 10th– Victory Martial Arts of OkemosSPECIAL –Krav Maga Street Clothes Experience – Train in your street clothes and get REAL self defense practice! Everyone 18+ is welcome, bringing friends is encouraged! 8 pm start time

THIS SUNDAY August 14th – Victory Summer Party! Join us for a summer picnic at Lake Lansing South!

Schedule of events:

  • Test prep class for all students: 1-2pm
  • Family Class: 2pm
  • Potluck and games: 3pm please sign up for a dish to pass!
  • Students who still need to test for 3rd black stripe – ask your instructor this week!!

3544 Meridian Crossing Dr. Suite 130 Okemos, Michigan 48864

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YAPC::NA VIM as a Perl IDE‎ – Damian Conway (2016)

Watch it. You will be impressed

Video by YAPC::NA 2016

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Coca-Cola: America the Beautiful

TCoca-Colahe United States of America is a melting pot of mortal humans. 🙂
Well done Coca-Cola. Well done.

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MMA: What’s happening this week (8/1 – 8/6) at Victory Martial Arts of Okemos

This week Victory Martial Arts of Okemosduring classes, we will be testing our students for their Third Black Stripe. This stripe is awarded during the 6th week of the cycle. Students must perform the curriculum on their own, thus demonstrating their knowledge of the material. In order to be eligible to test for this stripe, the students are required to have attended a minimum of 11 classes during the current cycle, and must have already earned their Yellow, 1st & 2nd Black, Blue, and Red Stripes.
Students will be tested on: – Executing the Board Break(s) on the “First” Attempt – Weapons Drills or Weapons Form – Self Defense – Traditional Form – Push Ups with Proper Body Alignment – Round Kicks in 10 seconds each side (R/L)
– Recite the Life Skill

3544 Meridian Crossing Dr. Suite 130 Okemos, Michigan 48864

Team Members
Master Faett Director
Mr. Rodriguez Chief Instructor
Ms. Sims Program Director

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MMA: This is the last week to receive $10 off of belt testing at Victory Martial Arts of Okemos, Michigan

This is the last week toVictory Martial Arts of Okemos receive $10 off of belt testing! After this Saturday (07/30/16), it will go to the normal price of $70.

Feel like saving even more money? Purchase a $300 pre-paid test card! You will receive 6 testing’s for the price of 5! Do this before this Saturday and you will receive a free camp, or 3 free private lessons ($150 Value)!

Stop in or call at 517-574-5931 to take advantage of the savings!

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Windows 10: Touch Screen not working? Solved!

I have a Toshiba laptop running Microsoft Windows 10. I’ve recently reinstalled the operating system and noticed that the touch screen stopped working. I searched high and low looking for an answer but didn’t find one that would work.

Microsoft recommends the following but it didn’t help me:

  1. Re-start your PC.
  2. Wipe it off. Use a microfiber cloth if possible.
  3. Search Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input from the task bar and select the top result. Hit the Setup button and follow the prompts.
  4. Search Device manager from the task bar and select the top result. Select Monitors and right click on the name of your monitor. If one of the menu items is enable, choose that.
  5. Repeat process number four above, but this time choose Update driver software from the right-click menu.

It was, however, quite close to what I discovered was thedevicemanager problem.   If I went into Device Manager (Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager) and Disabled/Enabled the HID-compliant touch screen device the touch screen would work for a few minutes and then suddenly stop working again.

After scratching my thinning hair on top of my head, it dawned on me that it was probably power management related.  I looked in the Power Management tab for the device but the option was disabled.

Sodevicemanager2 what to look at next?  All of the Human Interface Devices run as USB devices.

Looking at the Universal Serial Bus Controllers I saw that several of the devicemanager3USB Hubs and such did have the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option set.
I unchecked the option and disabled/enabled the HID-compliant touch screen device and Voila! the touch screen worked!  It’s been several hours now and the touch screen is still working fine.

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Video: Skillet – “Feel Invincible” [Official Music Video]

As many of you know, I’ve been training at Victory Martial Arts of Okemos, Michigan. After a good training session, this is how we feel:

Video by Skillet

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Hercules/Mainframe: A tour of RPF under IBM’s MVS by Marcello Magnifico

Video by Marcello Magnifico

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HOWTO: Connect to SAP Sybase IQ Multiplex using JDBC and the SQL Anywhere driver: “Connection error: TCPIP requires a server name”

SAP’s documentation, like other vendors, often sucks. In today’s wonderful documentation sucky-ness the examples from SAP to connect to IQ using a JDBC connection string like so:


This is fine except when you connect to IQ multiplex and you have logical servers set up. You won’t know which IQ node you will be on and since each IQ node has an unique name (eng=), this won’t work. Alright, let’s drop the eng=MyIQ.


This will result in an immediate error of “Connection error: TCPIP requires a server name”. Don’t panic, there is a fix. Drop the ENG=MyIQ and links=tcpip(Host=MyIQ;PORT=40000) replacing it with the HOST=MyIQ:40000.


That works. That is so much more simple than the demented links=tcpip(Host=MyIQ;PORT=40000) nonsense.

Now the fun bit of working code. The following “IQConnect” program accepts four parameters host port username password and spits out the names of the tables on the IQ server:

import java.sql.*;

public class IQConnect {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        if (args.length == 4) {
            String HostName;
            int Port = 0;
            String UserName;
            String Password;

            try {
                Port = Integer.parseInt(args[1]);
            } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
                System.err.println("Port # must be an integer");

            HostName = args[0];
            UserName = args[2];
            Password = args[3];

            String arg;
            Connection con;

            try {
                String ConnectionParams = String.format("jdbc:sqlanywhere:uid=%s;pwd=%s;host=%s:%d", UserName, Password, HostName, Port);
                con = DriverManager.getConnection(ConnectionParams);

                Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
                ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("select table_name from sys.systable;");

                while ( {
                    String TableName = rs.getString(1);

            catch (SQLException sqe)
                System.out.println("Unexpected exception : " +
                  sqe.toString() + ", sqlstate = " +
            catch (Exception e)
        } else {
            System.out.println("Requires Host Port# User Password");

Compile it with:

javac -cp $IQ16/java/sajdbc4.jar:.

Execute it with

java -cp $IQ16/java/sajdbc4.jar:. IQConnect MyIQ 40000 dba sql

Of course, if you have $IQ16/java as part of your $CLASSPATH you don’t need to include “-cp $IQ16/java/sajdbc4.jar:.” to execute the program.

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