FW: ASE 15.7: Create a Remote Server to SAP IQ 16.0

ASE 15.7: Create a Remote Server to SAP IQ 16.0
March 12, 2014

Create the remote server entry in the interfaces file; sql.ini (Windows) or interfaces (UNIX).


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FW Howto: List Invalid Views and fix the views in SAP Sybase IQ

From the fine folks at ARBIME:

select U.user_name + '.' + T.table_name 
from sysobject O, systab T, sysuser U 
where T.object_id = O.object_id 
  and U.user_id = T.creator  
  and O.status = 2 /* Invalid */   
  and O.object_type = 2 /* views */


You can usually fix the invalid views by simply recompiling:

alter view MY_VIEW recompile

and enabling:

alter view MY_VIEW enable

You should review the changes made to any referenced tables/views to ensure that the invalid view doesn’t need to be rewritten.

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