Looking for a bug fix release schedule for ASE?

Many of you may not know that Sybase openly lists the release schedules for ASE 12.5 and 15.0. The release schedules list not only when the estimated release date of the patches, but the list of bug fixes that are expected to be in each patch.

Targeted ASE 12.5.x Release Schedule and CR list Information

Targeted ASE 15.0 Release Schedule and CR list Information

How cool is that? Sybase has been providing this information for a number of years as you can still see the release schedule for the old 12.0 releases!

A word of caution: The release schedule and the bugs listed to be fixed in the patches are tentative and are not ‘set in stone’. Sometimes during testing issues are found with bug fixes (it might cause other issues) or some other thing might come up that might delay the bug fix or release of the patch.

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