Canon Pixma MP150 printer maintenance codes

I have a Canon Pixma MP150 printer that works quite well but the maintenance codes are not very intuitive.

Taken from the Canon Pixma MP150 manual but here in a nice convenient place:

Press the Maintenance button (icon of a pliers & screwdriver) until the code you want shows up then press the Color or Black button:

Code Meaning
A Print nozzle check pattern (prints nozzle patterns on paper)
H Cartridge cleaning (uses a little bit of ink)
F Deep cleaning (uses a lot more ink – use rarely)
P Align print head (prints alignment lines on paper)
U Read in print head alignment sheet (P) and auto aligns print heads
B Clean print rollers (can prematurely wear out the rollers – use rarely)
J Clean bottom plate
1 ????

Does any one know that the “1” code is?
If you’re looking for photo ink cartridges .. there aren’t any specifically for photos. You will need to use the standard CL40 B&W and CL41 Color cartridges. You can probably save a little money and use the high capacity ink cartridges, CL50 B&W, CL51 Color instead.

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