Howto: Export your SAP Sybase case information from case-express (Andrew Mumford)

Andrew Mumford of SAP writes:

The following steps should allow you to export data from :

  1. Log into Case-Express and select “List Cases” from the left navigation menu
  2. Select the desired options to define the criteria for which cases will appear in the list and press the “Submit” button to get a list of cases
  3. If the customer wishes they can export the list but this just gives what is on the screen
  4. To get the case details the customer has to select each case number one at a time from either the list on the screen or the exported list
  5. When a case is selected it brings up the detail screen
  6. From the detail press the “Print” button
  7. From the print screen press Ctrl-A to highlight all the content
  8. Press Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard
  9. Then in an application such as Microsoft Word press Ctrl-V

NOTE: If the customer wants to export hundreds this will be very time consuming
If the above steps do not work, or if you hit other access issues in case-express, I would suggest contacting your local Sybase Support number. select the non-technical support option, and our customer service team will be able to help you.

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