Cat a number of files and want to know which file it is working on?

In the following example, I have 21 files that came from a raw partition that I split at 10GB intervals. I am piping that to parallel bzip2 (pbzip2) and writing it to a raw partition (logical volume).

cat /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.00 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.01 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.02 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.03 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.04 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.05 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.06 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.07 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.08 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.09 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.10 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.11 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.12 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.13 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.14 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.15 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.16 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.17 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.18 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.19 \
/mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.20 | pbzip2 -dcv -p4 > /dev/mapper/VG_VMH1-LV_DBADEV1


Parallel BZIP2 v1.0.5 - by: Jeff Gilchrist []
[Jan. 08, 2009]  (uses libbzip2 by Julian Seward)

         # CPUs: 4
         File #: 1 of 1
     Input Name: 
    Output Name: 

 BWT Block Size: 900k
Decompressing data (no threads)...

This will take a while, so let’s determine which file it is currently working on:

lsof|grep DBADEV1
cat 24137 root 3r REG 8,1 10737418240 80 /mnt/DBADEV1/DBADEV1.disk.bz2.07

Oh boy, it’s only on file #8. oh well, we can watch it a little easier with the “watch” command set to run the lsof command every 5 seconds:

watch -n5 'lsof|grep DBADEV1'
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