BarCamp goes to Milwaukee on October 4th & 5th!

I missed the Chicago BarCamp earlier in the month but I’m hoping to make the Milwaukee BarCamp in October. I have to check with the boss, but I think I should be able to make it.

Ad video from last year’s BarCamp Milwaukee event:

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BarCamp in Chicago! Are you going? (2008)

On August 15 through the 18th, BarCamp will be coming to Chicago.  Don’t know what BarCamp is?  From

A BARcamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. The name BARcamp was inspired as a complement to FOOcamp, a private tech gathering run by Tim OReilly.

Who is it for?  From

Its a community thing, so its open to all. My thoughts are that these types of people would enjoy it the most:

  • hackers, coders, engineers, programmers,admins, and lowly architects
    designers, graphic artists, web monkeys, and artists interested in tech
  • entrepreneurs, tech business guys, investors, sales guys lookin for a product
  • professors, students (grad and under-grad), researchers, and academic types wanting to see whats going on in the start-up world
  • Significant-Others brave enough (or crazy enough) to attend (be prepared to hear jargon and acronyms more than english).

Two videos capture the essence of BARcamp. Take a look at video summaries from BARcamp SF and BARcamp Austin.”

BlogsPhotosVideos – from last year, flickr set, youtube, et al

Interested? Looking for a business reason?  BusinessPOV has an article/video that should help you justify going it to your boss.

I’m going to be there.  I would like to see lots of new and old friends there as well 🙂

BarCamp Chicago 2008
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FW: Photos from Yet Another Perl Conferences (YAPC)

From Jeremy Fluhmann:

For all of you first time yapc attendees, I thought you might be interested in some of the photos from previous yapcs.  I’m sure there are others, but some of the links from Flickr are:

Chicago in 2006 –
Houston in 2007 –
YAPC::NA in general –
YAPC in general –

And, I’m assuming that this year (as with the previous two years) someone will recommend tagging the 2008 photos with yapcna2008.  I’d recommend also tagging them with yapcna and yapc.


Conferences Chair
The Perl Foundation

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Flourish 2008 Conference Roundup

This year’s Flourish Conference was held at the University of Illinois in downtown Chicago (UIC). The Flourish web site describes Flourish as: Flourish 2008 Conference

The goal of the Flourish Conference is to promote the use and adoption of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) by demonstrating the practical applications of FLOSS in the business and academic world. While everyone is familiar with businesses that focus on creating non-free proprietary software, the same cannot be said for those who specialize in developing and supporting FLOSS software, and an Open Culture.

I missed a part of Bruce Perens’ Innovation Goes Public presentation due toBruce Perens Chicago’s closing several sidewalks that go over or under the tristate. I’m not quite sure I agree with him that the road a head for open source is all rosey. Perhaps I misunderstood him but it seemed to me that the idea of simply giving the source of an application to the public would allow the programmers to still be paid via the support/service agreements.  This may work for some applications, but for others there wouldn’t be a sufficient number of support contracts to financially support the programmers Personally, I prefer open source but I will also pay for commercial proprietary software. I use what works.

The company I work for, Sungard Investment Systems, uses open source for many internal projects. One such product uses VMware and Linux for a rPathportable monitoring system so I was highly interested in rBuilder Online from rPath. I attended the Appliance Development and Conary session presented by Stephanie Watson from rPath. I’m currently investigating on how well and easy it is to make a VMware appliance that would house a Sybase ASE server (DBMS) with no unnecessary os files. If the testing turns out well, I will ask my fellow Sybase ASE DBAs whether Sybase need certify it or whether we are ‘on our own’. The monitoring machine itself really doesn’t need Sybase ASE on it but since we have the license….

Dr. John Waclawsky, from Motorolla, gave a feel good presentation about the state of communication between wireless gadgets. The Revolution at the Edge of the Network Abstract. Short version: things are going to get very interesting in the next year 🙂

James Gray, from IBM, presented IBM’s Open Source Strategy – Turning Threat into Opportunity. WhileJames Gray, IBM essentially a case study of how IBM has interacted as a semi-liason between the business executives and the open source community. IBM, to me, has seemed to be stuck in a love/hate relationship with open source and a dislike/hate relationship with the Free Software Foundation. That being said, it is necessary to give IBM credit giving credence to the open source community with the business executives. The IT folks no longer had to quietly use open source in the business but were free to use it extensively in many places. Linux, in particular, is no longer the wild west in many CTOs’ eyes but a integral part of their business. Tony Wong of Chicago Perl Mongers

I met Tony Wong in the Chicago Perl Mongers ‘booth’. We discussed the upcoming Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC::NA 2008) that is being held in Chicago and the horrible documentation of the Catalyst MVC web framework. I informed him that the only way to learn Catalyst was the new book Catalyst by Jonathan Rockway (ISBN: 978-1-847190-95-6). I also warned him that the book should have gone through another round of proofreading prior to being published due to excessive example code errors, etc. I playfully suggested that Joshua McAdams be tormented because he wasn’t able to make it Friday morning.

The panel discussion on Friday afternoon was highly entertaining and a bit of a kangaroo court for Bobby Bobby Moore of MicrosoftMoore of Microsoft. I do not believe Mr. Moore was expecting Bruce Perens to repeatedly ask very pointed and informed questions. Moore did an excellent job of remaining cool and listening with an open mind to the criticism of Microsoft as a company. He explained that, yes, Microsoft did some not so nice things in the past but they are attempting to work with the open source community. Bruce Perens, Jon “Maddog” Hall, and James Bottomley brought up the pending MS Office OpenXML standard format issue where much of the format is proprietary and the published format won’t actually be used by Microsoft. Moore conceded that it was unlikely that Microsoft would use the published format as-is but the Office developers would likely base the actually used format off of the published format. Perens, Hall, Bottomley and James Gray all expressed their opinions that this was very typical of Microsoft. (side note: Microsoft has been accused of having the attitude of Embrace, Extend, Eliminate when it comes to industry standards.)

Perens, Hall and James Bottomley, as well as members of the audience, pummeled both James Gray of IBM and Bobby Moore of Microsoft for their companies’ approach and support of software patents.

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the first day as my mother was in town from North Dakota to visit my three month old daughter (and the rest of us). If only I could have cloned myself… Don’t forget to check out the Flickr photo group for the Flourish 2008 Conference in Chicago!

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Flourish 2008 Conference is tomorrow in Chicago!

From the Flourish people :

Hello All,

Flourish Conference 2008 starts tomorrow! Flourish 2008 will run from Friday, April 4th tillFlourish 2008 Conference in Chicago Saturday, April 5th. Everything seems to be coming together and everyone on the Flourish Team believes we are about to put on a great confererence for you. We have 16 speakers, 6 special events and activities and currently over 325 registered attendees. If you know someone who has yet to register for Flourish 2008 who would like to take advantage of our free online registration, that person should sign up by 8:30 PM today!

The directions for how to get to UIC and Flourish 2008 are posted below this e-mail message. You can also refer to our venue page for the directions, a campus map, a link to the Flourish 2008 location in Google Maps and pictures of event locations. The venue page is located here:

We would like to bring to your attention that the Flourish 2008 Schedule has changed considerably in the last few days. Yesterday we added a new speaker and changed a couple of speech times. Unfortunately, these changes will not be reflected in your Flourish 2008 phamplet (although we may provide a corrective insert). You can see the updated Flourish 2008 schedule here:

One event we particularly would like to bring to your attention is the Code for a Cause Hack-a-thon. The Code for a Cause Hack-a-thon is a great way to get involved with writing open source software while performing an act of community service. Dozens of open source developers and enthusiasts will collaborate to build open source websites and applications for local non-profit organizations. Projects include an interactive map of homeless shelters in Chicago, a website for a reforestation program in Ethiopia and a Facebook widget framework for raising awareness about critical social issues. Volunteers of all skill levels and backgrounds (including development, design, documentation, etc.) are welcome to attend!

See you soon,
The 2008 Flourish Team

Directions to Flourish 2008: Continue reading “Flourish 2008 Conference is tomorrow in Chicago!”

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