FW Slashdot.org: Model-View-Controller — Misunderstood and Misused

Remember my post Short video clips of Model View Controller (MVC) methodology?  Those wild and crazy guys over at Slashdot.org shed more light on the subject:

Posted by kdawson on Tuesday December 02, @03:36PM from the more-mvc-than-thou dept.

paradox1x writes

“Malcolm Tredinnick shares a terrific rant against the misunderstanding and misuse of the Model-View-Controller design pattern. In particular he takes issue with the notion that Django should be considered an MVC framework. He says that ‘It’s as valid as saying it’s a “circus support mechanism,” since the statement is both true, in some contexts, and false in others (you can definitely use Django-based code to help run your circus; stop looking so skeptical).’ I’m not sure I agree with the entire piece, but it is a very good read.”

We recently discussed another look at the bending and stretching of MVC patterns in the world of Web development.

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Short video clips of Model View Controller (MVC) methodology

Hi all,

I found these excellent short simple videos over at FiveRuns Blog explaining the Model View Controller (MVC) methodology:

#1 – Controller Obesity

MVC #2 – The Importance of Tests

MVC #3 – Keeping Views Stupid

MVC #4 – Staying RESTful

MVC Public Service Announcement #5 – Outdated HTML

MVC Public Service Announcement #6 : Modularity from EnvyAds on Vimeo.

MVC Public Service Announcements : Out-takes from EnvyAds on Vimeo.

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