Sybase ASE bug 428591 causing outages

report from user:

Did some extensive testing… problem appears to be with the sybase userid.  I connected via SQL Programmer to DSN=MY_SERVER;SRVR=MY_SERVER;DB=MY_DB;UID=XXXXXX;PASSWORD=XXXXXX; then tried to run

sp_AddEntry 5464,"Jason Test","12345","localhost","asdfasdf","20-Sep-2005 12:32:43"

it failed… no errors from Sybase.

Further analysis revealed that this ‘hanging’ was only occuring with non-sa users.  This indicated that either permissions issues or auditing was suspect.  I was able to determine that the database was most likely not the culprit by running dbcc’s on the user database with no errors reported.

I ran our new script reorg on the database which rebuilt all the indexes (or ran reorg rebuild/compact, etc).  Curiously, the script hung on certain tables that also hung while running the stored procedure (above).  No blocking spids were found but the locks were in shared and/or exclusive intent – meaning that we were waiting for some resource (in memory) to be freed.  I told ASE to produce the stacktrace, the PSS memory structure and other items that allowed me to correlate that a lock on one of the audit memory structures was preventing ASE from performing the tasks.

From this information, I was able to identify the Sybase ASE bug (CR 428591) that is scheduled to be fixed in v12.5.4 esd 3 (Dec 2006).

When I opened a case with Sybase, the TSE said:

I have picked up your case involving suspicion of Sybase CR 428591. I have associated your case with that CR (on speculation at this point), although certainly your stack trace looks similar to that indicated in the CR. However, this CR has been closed without any problem identification or resolution. It was simply a consultation CR with Engineering. As such, we aren’t likely to see any activity on the CR. If you want further action taken, since we cannot confirm any bug here, we will need to get a memory dump for the situation and go to Engineering in the usual manner.

I’ve asked the TSE to confirm his statements as other Sybase cases state that the fix will be in v12.5.4 esd 3.

As far as the memdump is concerned, the sybase server is running at the maximum amount of memory that is allowed for a 32bit server.  This means that there isn’t enough free space to attach sybmon to the shared memory segment.



I was able to confirm with Sybase ASE engineering that Sybase ASE bug 428591 will be fixed in 12.5.4 esd 3 which is slated to be released in late December / early January.


sp_who "635";
fid    spid   status       loginame                       origname                       hostname   blk_spid dbname                         cmd              block_xloid
------ ------ ------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------- -------- ------------------------------ ---------------- -----------
0    635 sleeping     jason                       jason                                  0        MY_DB                   INSERT                     0

(1 row affected, return status = 0)
sp_lock 635
The class column will display the cursor name for locks associated with a cursor for the current user and the cursor id for other users.
fid    spid   loid        locktype                     table_id    page        row    dbname          class                          context
------ ------ ----------- ---------------------------- ----------- ----------- ------ --------------- ------------------------------ ----------------------------
0    635        1270 Ex_intent                     1164528151           0      0 MY_DB    Non Cursor Lock
0    635        1270 Sh_intent                      256000912           0      0 MY_DB    Non Cursor Lock

(2 rows affected, return status = 0)
dbcc stacktrace(635)
Start dbcc stacktrace...
pc: 0x006a61e0 upsleepgeneric+0x230(0x00e65c00, 0x00e59000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x009f9800)
pc: 0x00687170 uboallocw+0x114(0xb882e800, 0x00000000, 0x00000001, 0xb0168d84, 0x00000001)
pc: 0x0068b33c smput+0x80(0x00000002, 0xfc01d220, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0xb0168e10)
pc: 0x002caa74 send_audit+0x884(0x00006c00, 0x00000001, 0x00000001, 0x02000000, 0x00000002)
pc: 0x002cd0fc form_and_send_audit+0x3e8(0x00c96ed8, 0xb0169080, 0xb0169694, 0x00007000, 0xb016903c)
pc: 0x00419994 rvm__audit_table_view_access+0x2f4(0x00000031, 0xbb54b360, 0x0000000f, 0x00000000, 0xb69eebb4)
pc: 0x00418240 rvm_dispatch+0x530(0x00000001, 0xb69e7080, 0x00006c00, 0x009f9800, 0x00e63c00)
pc: 0x0040fa00 rvm_process_dispatch+0x4(0xbb54b360, 0xb69e7080, 0xbb54b360, 0xb69ee480, 0x00000000)
pc: 0x003b66e8 s_execute+0x1750(0x80000000, 0x00a6289c, 0x00000001, 0x000000c3, 0x0000030c)
[Handler pc: 0x003d3284 s_handle installed by the following function:-]pc: 0x003d004c sequencer+0x1090(0x00007400, 0x00e65c00, 0x00000007, 0x0000761c, 0x0000000a)
pc: 0x003bed34 execproc+0x798(0xbaabe000, 0x00000000, 0x00005800, 0x00000004, 0x00000000)
pc: 0x003b7918 s_execute+0x2980(0x00000003, 0xac594180, 0x00e65c00, 0x009f9800, 0xb69ee480)
[Handler pc: 0x003d3284 s_handle installed by the following function:-]pc: 0x003d004c sequencer+0x1090(0x00007400, 0x00e65c00, 0xb69ecbd4, 0x0000761c, 0xb69ecb48)
pc: 0x000f16e8 tdsrecv_language+0xb4(0x00000000, 0xb69e7080, 0x00005800, 0x00006c00, 0xb69ec880)
[Handler pc: 0x00118b64 hdl_backout installed by the following function:-][Handler pc: 0x0035055c ut_handle installed by the following function:-][Handler pc: 0x0035055c ut_handle installed by the
following function:-]pc: 0x001022dc conn_hdlr+0x2108(0x00e79c00, 0xb69ec880, 0xb69edc80, 0x00000001, 0x00e65c00)
pc: 0x006c6dd4 _coldstart(0x0000016d, 0x001001d4, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
dbcc stacktrace finished.
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
dbcc pss(4,635);
PSS (any state) for suid 4 - spid 635:
PSS at 0xb69e7080

PSS Status fields :
pstat=0x10000 (0x00010000 (P_USERPROC))
p2stat=0x1000 (0x00001000 (P2_XLATE))
p3stat=0x181a (0x00001000 (P3_INPROCXACT), 0x00000800 (P3_PSS_ACTIVE), 0x00000010 (P3_CACHELIM), 0x00000008 (P3_NEWRNG), 0x00000002 (P3_CACHERNG))
p4stat=0x20 (0x00000020 (P4_INPROCMASTERXACT))
p5stat=0x0 (0x00000000)
HA session handle: sysid =0x0 HA session handle: session id =0x0
PSS Link (plink) : elink_next=0xb701cdec   elink_prev=0xb6fff6dc
pexcptr=0xb69ecb48 pssobjp=0xb69e7070

Process Ids & Database context info in PSS :
pkspid=1583678398   pspid=635   pclient_kpid=1583678398   parent_spid=635
puid=1   pgid=0   psuid=4   porigsuid=0
puid=1   pgid=0   psuid=4   porigsuid=0
punlen=0   puname=0xb69e70a6   pbackground=0   ploginflags=15  ptdsversion=
pdbtable=0xb4009a40   pcurdb=10   ptmpdbtable=0xb4010580 ptmpcurdb=9 pdb_stat=11
porigsrids=0xb69e70f8   psrids=0xb69e72f4   porig_auth=0   pcur_auth=1
poffsets=0   pcmderrs=0 (0x00000000)

pmasterxact=0xb90f7c60   ppss=0xb69e7080   pplc=0xb0d06760 pdeskept=0x0

pdetached_xdes=0x0, pbegints=0x0000 0x00000000
plastbranch=0x0 (unknown)

User SDES array: psdesp[] array=0xb69e7510
SDES list starting from: 0xb69ee7b8
[ 0] SDES: (at 0xb69ee7b8) sdes_next=0xb69eebb4 sdesp=0xb1b442b8 objuid=1 objid=1164528151 objname=clnt_schedule_tbl
[ 1] SDES: (at 0xb69eebb4) sdes_next=0xb69eefb0 sdesp=0xb2c46a40 objuid=1 objid=256000912 objname=clnt_process_tbl
[ 2] SDES: (at 0xb69eefb0) sdes_next=0xb69ef3ac sdesp=0x0
[ 3] SDES: (at 0xb69ef3ac) sdes_next=0xb69ef7a8 sdesp=0x0
[ 4] SDES: (at 0xb69ef7a8) sdes_next=0xb69efba4 sdesp=0x0
[ 5] SDES: (at 0xb69efba4) sdes_next=0xb69effa0 sdesp=0x0
[ 6] SDES: (at 0xb69effa0) sdes_next=0xb69f039c sdesp=0x0
[ 7] SDES: (at 0xb69f039c) sdes_next=0xb69f0798 sdesp=0x0
[ 8] SDES: (at 0xb69f0798) sdes_next=0xb69f0b94 sdesp=0x0
[ 9] SDES: (at 0xb69f0b94) sdes_next=0xb69f0f90 sdesp=0x0
[10] SDES: (at 0xb69f0f90) sdes_next=0xb69f138c sdesp=0x0
[11] SDES: (at 0xb69f138c) sdes_next=0xb69f1788 sdesp=0x0
[12] SDES: (at 0xb69f1788) sdes_next=0xb69f1b84 sdesp=0x0
[13] SDES: (at 0xb69f1b84) sdes_next=0xb69f1f80 sdesp=0x0
[14] SDES: (at 0xb69f1f80) sdes_next=0xb69f237c sdesp=0x0
[15] SDES: (at 0xb69f237c) sdes_next=0xb69f2778 sdesp=0x0
[16] SDES: (at 0xb69f2778) sdes_next=0xb69f2b74 sdesp=0x0
[17] SDES: (at 0xb69f2b74) sdes_next=0xb69f2f70 sdesp=0x0
[18] SDES: (at 0xb69f2f70) sdes_next=0xb69f336c sdesp=0x0
[19] SDES: (at 0xb69f336c) sdes_next=0xb69f3768 sdesp=0x0
[20] SDES: (at 0xb69f3768) sdes_next=0xb69f3b64 sdesp=0x0
[21] SDES: (at 0xb69f3b64) sdes_next=0xb69f3f60 sdesp=0x0
[22] SDES: (at 0xb69f3f60) sdes_next=0xb69f435c sdesp=0x0
[23] SDES: (at 0xb69f435c) sdes_next=0xb69f4758 sdesp=0x0
[24] SDES: (at 0xb69f4758) sdes_next=0xb69f4b54 sdesp=0x0
[25] SDES: (at 0xb69f4b54) sdes_next=0xb69f4f50 sdesp=0x0
[26] SDES: (at 0xb69f4f50) sdes_next=0xb69f534c sdesp=0x0
[27] SDES: (at 0xb69f534c) sdes_next=0x0 sdesp=0x0

System SDES array: psyssdesp[] array=0xb69e7610
SDES list starting from: 0xb69e7610
[ 0] SDES: (at 0xb69e7610) sdes_next=0xb69e7a0c sdesp=0xb3fb4f10 objuid=1 objid=8 objname=syslogs
[ 1] SDES: (at 0xb69e7a0c) sdes_next=0xb69e7e08 sdesp=0x0
[ 2] SDES: (at 0xb69e7e08) sdes_next=0xb69e8204 sdesp=0x0
[ 3] SDES: (at 0xb69e8204) sdes_next=0xb69e8600 sdesp=0x0
[ 4] SDES: (at 0xb69e8600) sdes_next=0xb69e89fc sdesp=0x0
[ 5] SDES: (at 0xb69e89fc) sdes_next=0xb69e8df8 sdesp=0x0
[ 6] SDES: (at 0xb69e8df8) sdes_next=0xb69e91f4 sdesp=0x0
[ 7] SDES: (at 0xb69e91f4) sdes_next=0xb69e95f0 sdesp=0x0
[ 8] SDES: (at 0xb69e95f0) sdes_next=0xb69e99ec sdesp=0x0
[ 9] SDES: (at 0xb69e99ec) sdes_next=0xb69e9de8 sdesp=0x0
[10] SDES: (at 0xb69e9de8) sdes_next=0xb69ea1e4 sdesp=0x0
[11] SDES: (at 0xb69ea1e4) sdes_next=0xb69ea5e0 sdesp=0x0
[12] SDES: (at 0xb69ea5e0) sdes_next=0xb69ea9dc sdesp=0x0
[13] SDES: (at 0xb69ea9dc) sdes_next=0xb69eadd8 sdesp=0x0
[14] SDES: (at 0xb69eadd8) sdes_next=0xb69eb1d4 sdesp=0x0
[15] SDES: (at 0xb69eb1d4) sdes_next=0xb69eb5d0 sdesp=0x0
[16] SDES: (at 0xb69eb5d0) sdes_next=0xb69eb9cc sdesp=0x0
[17] SDES: (at 0xb69eb9cc) sdes_next=0xb69ebdc8 sdesp=0x0
[18] SDES: (at 0xb69ebdc8) sdes_next=0xb69ec1c4 sdesp=0x0
[19] SDES: (at 0xb69ec1c4) sdes_next=0x0 sdesp=0x0

ploglocked=0   premote=0x0
pdbstack=0xb69ec5e0   pdbindex=-1   pcastcontext=0xb69f5748
pdone :
donestat=0x40,   doneinfo=0   donecount=0

ptext=0x0   pntext=146   pcurcolid=0   pcompct=0
ppars=0x0   pdbtlock=0x0   pdbinfoget_dbt=0x0
pckptwriteq=0xb69ec724   plogwriteq=0xb69ec74c

Locks related info in PSS :
plocksleepq_entry :
SLEEPTASK struct at 0xb05203f0
next=0xb05203f0 prev=0xb05203f0
stsemawait=0xb0508c00 stpss=0xb69e7080 spid 635
stsequence_number=0 stsleep_path=30 stmagic=0x54
ststatus=0x0 (0x0000)
stlid=(1270 1270)
plockwaitq_entry :
WAITTASK at 0xb05203c0
next=0xb05203c0 prev=0xb05203c0
wtsemawait=0x0 wtpss=0x0 spid 0
wtseqno=0 wtmagic=0x51 waitno=0
wtstatus=0x0 (0x00)
wtlid=(0 0)
plogsema=0xb0520450   pcurloctxp.lcwaitsema=0x0   plockstat=0x0 (0x0000)
plockwait : LOCKWAIT struct at 0xb69eca7c
lwaitperiod=0 lwaitstat=0x4 (0x04 (LOCKWAIT_SERVER))
pcurloctxp.lcxactlocks=0xb69ec7b0   pcurloctxp.lcstmtlocks=0xb69ec7a0   pcurloctxp.lcstmtl3locks=0xb69ec7a8
pcurloctxp=0xb69ec790   &ploctx=0xb69ec790   plocksuffclass=0

plock_freelist 0xb69ec7e8  plock_chash 0xb69ec8c0
lock_cache address 0xb69ec7b8
plock_cache[0]: objidpageno = 256000912, locktype=4
dbid=10, lock_address = 0xb050b9c0
lock_cache address 0xb69ec7d0
plock_cache[1]: objidpageno = 1164528151, locktype=3
dbid=10, lock_address = 0xb0504e20

ptranslate=0xb69ec904   pnumplan=0
pdate: Jan  1 1900 12:00AM
ptimestamp: Sep 28 2006 12:22PM
pdateformat=1   pdatefirst=7
pmaxthread_cache=1   pmaxthread_ts=1
pmaxscanthread_cache=1   pmaxscanthread_ts=1

Sequencer Frame info in PSS :
pprevframe=0xb69eded0   pnextframe=0x0   phdr=0xbb547000
pplan=0xbb547000   pline=31   pcurstepno=4   prowcount=0

pcurseq=0x0   pcurstep=0xbb258638   plaststep=0xb9a88490   ptrigdata=0x0
pprocedures=0xb40b0340   pview=0x0   pbegintmps=0x0

Proc Headers Array: pprochdrs=0xb69ec9cc pmemusage=3

Other PROC_HDR pointers off Pss (to match up addresses):
ptext=0x0 [-1] phdr=0xbb547000 [-2] pplan=0xbb547000 [-2] pdseg=0x0 [-1]
pcss_cache=0x0 [-1] pnetdiagphdr=0x0 [-1] pcursfix=0x0 [-1] pcmdtext=0x0 [-1]
psortproc=0x0 [-1] pcompiler_scratch_space=0x0 [-1] pll_phdr=0x0 [-1] plmtcache=0x0 [-1]
rtmrngcache=0x0 [-1] psqt_text=0x0 [-1]

prowcnt=0  pcurcmd=195 (INSERT)
pstatlist=0x0   pseqstat=16 (0x0010 (SEQ_REPSPROC_CHECKED))

plastprocid=1453245201   ptextsize=32768   pdbopened=0   ptabcount=0

pstringsize=50  pbulkbatchsize=0  pbulkarraysize=50
pretstat=0   pexecstep=0xba8b65b8   pcurstmt=0xb9a88400   prepxdes=0x0
psqlstatus=0   plocks=0xb69eca2c   pl3locks=0xb69eca34

ppllcfg_stat=0   pisolation=1
pexec_maxthread=1   pexec_maxthread_ext=0
pexec_maxscanthread=1   pexec_maxscanthread_ext=0
pcontext_id=2   pdseg=0x0

SQL globals and monitors :
plasterror=0   plangid=0   pclient_csid=1   pnextcid=1
pprocnest=1   pxactcnt=1   ptextptr=0x00000000000000000000000000000000
ptextts=0x0000 0x00000000   ptextobjid=0   ptextdbid=0   ptextcolid=0
pcputot=0   pcpucur=0   pmemusage=3
pbufread=0   pbufwrite=0   ptimeslice=1

precvbuf=0xb69f5770   psendbuf=0xb69f578c  pnetbufp=0xac862fee
pnetid=0   psid=0   pchannel=0   pscn=0
precvfn=0x6b7e00   psendfn=0x6b8538   precvflushfn=0x6b7c10
psendeomfn=0x6b8aac   pintsql_ctx=0x0   pintsql_frame=0x0
pprots   next=0xb4489ab0 prev=0xb44894f0
pprotcache=0xb69ecb18 pprotstamp=3058
pexcproc=0xb69ecb48   pallocrange=16   pallocwork=12   pcrpname=0x0
pclaimedbufs=0xb69f59e0   pkeeppss=0x0   pkeepcnt=1   pwaitforevent=0
pdropdbt=0x0   netdiagbuf=0x0   pprealloclocks=0xb69edd74

psitebuf=0x0   ppreverror=0   pattention=0
pextattn=0   plkpromattn=0   pfouinfo=0xb69edd8c   pindreserved=0

pbkout_gen: PBACKOUT at 0xb69eddd4
ptaskdata 0x0, ptaskabtfn 0x0
pbkout_diskclr: PBACKOUT at 0xb69eddcc
ptaskdata 0x0, ptaskabtfn 0x0
pbkout_coord: PBACKOUT at 0xb69edddc
ptaskdata 0x0, ptaskabtfn 0x0
pdskchk_notify=0   piotot=1

pcss=0x0   pfreecss=0x0   pcss_cache=0x0
pdefcss=0x0  pcurcss=0x0   pdeadlock_id=0
ptranstate=0   actx_env=0x0   ptds_strmlen=-1
pblocktime: Jan  1 1900 12:00AM
pclient_cap=0xb69ede48   ptype_map=0xb69ede4c   peed=0x0
pextobject=0x0   pcursfix=0x0

IDENTITY_VAL info (pidtvalinfo) :
objid=0  dbid=0  idtnum=0 idtstorlen=0
idtstart (last identity value inserted)=        NULL
IDENTITY_INSERT settings (pidtinsert) :
objid=0  dbid=0  idt_status=0x0

pidentity=(at 0xb69eca3c):      0
pstackbound=0xb015f2f0   pguardbound=0xb01602f0   pnetdiagphdr=0x0
paudflags=0   pnxt_wktabid=449   pprocess_type=00 (PERFORMING COMMAND)
psetownercnt=0   psseqframes=0xb69edec0   psaddframes=0xb69edfd4
pcmdtext=0x0psortproc=0x0   pinternalxact=0x0   pmasterxact=0xb90f7c60

ptempdev=0   pworktable_cnt=0   pmainroot=0xba398db8   pfirstcmd=0xba398f80
pcompiler_scratch_space=0x0   plkstats=0xb69ee410   pcur_lkwait_time=0
pkernel_addr=0xb69ee534   pkernel_size=0xb69ee552 ptmemfrag=0xb94ae800 pmempool_addr=0xb69ee570

MEMPOOL 0xb94ae800
MEMCOM 0xb94ae800 mc_name Pss Frag Pool 1583678398
mc_link 0xb94ae800 next=0xb9489000 prev=0xb94b8800
mc_pooltype '2' is a 'Frament' pool
mc_common_stat 0x1 mc_lock 0x0 mc_state 0
mc_waiting 0 mc_allocfn 0x67deac mc_freefn 0x67dec8
mc_maxsize_fn 0x10a84c mc_mlimitfn 0x0
mc_monallocs 3 mc_monfrees 3 mc_monsleeps 0
mc_monmigrates 0 mc_total 2048 mc_used 240
mc_growsize 2048 mc_diagcb 0x684670 mc_diagcbarg 0x0
mc_hwm 0 mc_maxsize 40960 mc_minsize 2048
Warning! HWM stat collection not enabled.
Ignore 'mc_hwm' value.
mes_held 0 mes_sleepcount 0 mes_kpid 0

mp_link 0xb94ae888 next=0xb94ae8c0 prev=0xb94ae8c0
mp_frags 0xb94ae890 next=0xb94ae8e0 prev=0xb94ae8e0
mp_curfrag 0xb94ae8e0 mp_status 0x0 mp_ovhd 240
mp_nfrags 1 mp_largest 0 mp_flags 0
mp_minsize_no 0

***** summary for fragment pool Pss Frag Pool 1583678398 *****
# of allocs  =        3
# of frees   =        3
# of sleeps  =        0
# of blocks  =        1
# of frags   =        1
min size     =     2048
max size     =    40960
used memory  =      240
(overhead    =      240)
free memory  =     1808
total memory =     2048

pll_phdr=0x0   pll_ctx=0x0
psecsrvsreq=0   psecsendbuflen=0   psecrecvbuflen=0
psecsess=0x0   psecsendbuf=0x0   psecrecvbuf=0x0
pcomp_maxthread=1   pcomp_maxscanthread=1
pexeclass=0xb69ee5b8   penginegroup=0xb69ee5d7
pspexecpri=5   pspprimodflg=0   pslstat=0

pexeiocost=0   ptmrngalarmid=0
pcurrangemap=0xb69ee60c   pnewrangemap=0xb69ee62c
plmtcache=0x0   ptempdb_limit=0x0
rfirstrng=0x0   rlastrng=0x0   rtmrngcache=0x0
pcmpiocostlim=0x0   pexeiocostlim=0x0
pbatchtimelim=0x0   ptranstimelim=0x0   prowcntlim=0x0
psqltext=0xb937e618   plan_blocked=0x0   pqueryplan=0
LATCHWAIT struct at 0xb69ee6a4
Latch wait struct (at address=0xb69ee6a4) of Spid 635
lwqnext=0x0     lwmode=0x0 (FREE_LATCH)
lwstatus=0x0 (Not sleeping)     lwevent=0x0
platchedbufs array:
platchdebufs[0]: 0x0
platchdebufs[1]: 0x0
platchdebufs[2]: 0x0
platchdebufs[3]: 0x0

applmon_index=-1   pplc_waited=0x0   pplc_locked=0x0   pdatarpgctr=0 pindexrpgctr=0
psqt_text=0x0   psqt_cache=0x0  pworkdeslist=0x0
pomnistat=0x0 (0x00000000)
pmda_lasterr=0  pmda_lasterrsev=10 pbatch_id=4
pmda_stats=0xb80f4590  psqls_snap=0xb69f5a98
pdbdomain=0 pastc_taskp=0x0
psystaskcln_func: 0x0
psystask_hdlr: 0x0
psystaskcln_arg 0x0 psystask_arg 0x0
pdskbuf_mempool=0x0, pdskbuf_cnt=0

PHDR proc header:
PROC_HDR at 0xbb547000
p_hdrstep=0xbb26d5c0   p_hdrseq=0x0   p_hdrcrt=0x0
p_hdrpbuf=0xb40b0340   p_hdrtmps=0x0   p_hdrcaller=0xba8b6000
p_hdrelease=0   p_hdrtabid=1453245201   p_hdrsub=0x0
p_hdrsubcnt=0   p_css=0x0   p_csscnt=0
p_hdrstatus=1025 ((0x00000400 (SACREATED), 0x00000001 (CACHED)))
p_lastpg=0  p_lastoff=8  p_procnum=0  p_hdrdbid=10 p_tmpdbid=0
p_lostcnt=967   p_hdrtype=2

Memory Allocation Map:
0 mempgptr=0xbb547000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2036   byte_save=2036
1 mempgptr=0xbb26d000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2036   byte_save=2036
2 mempgptr=0xba4a3800   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2040   byte_save=2040
3 mempgptr=0xb9a88000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2048   byte_save=1988
4 mempgptr=0xbc174800   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2037   byte_save=2037
5 mempgptr=0xbb54b000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2036   byte_save=1996
6 mempgptr=0xb9a5d000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2032   byte_save=1992
7 mempgptr=0xbb258000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=2036   byte_save=2036
8 mempgptr=0xbaabe000   pma_chunksize=2048   byte_count=24   byte_save=0

PPLAN proc header:
PTEXT proc header:

T-SQL command (may be truncated):
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
use MY_DB;
dbcc tablealloc(my_tbl_tbl, full, fix);
TABLE: my_tbl_tbl         OBJID = 256000912
INDID=1  FIRST=689       ROOT=681        SORT=1
Data level: 1.  10 Data pages allocated and 2 Extents allocated.
Indid     : 1.  1 Index pages allocated and 1 Extents allocated.
INDID=2  FIRST=658       ROOT=657        SORT=0
Indid     : 2.  3 Index pages allocated and 1 Extents allocated.
TOTAL # of extents = 4
Alloc page 512 (# of extent=3 used pages=10 ref pages=10)
Alloc page 262912 (# of extent=1 used pages=8 ref pages=8)
Total (# of extent=4 used pages=18 ref pages=18) in this database

Statistical information for this run follows:
Total # of pages read = 17
Total # of pages found cache = 17
Total # of physical reads = 0
Total # of saved I/O = 0
Size of I/O used = 8 pages
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
[104] MY_SRVR.MY_DB.1> dbcc checktable(my_tbl_tbl);
Checking my_tbl_tbl: Logical pagesize is 8192 bytes
The total number of data pages in this table is 10.
Table has 32 data rows.
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
select @@SPID;

(1 row affected)
DROP INDEX my_tbl_tbl.my_idx;
dbcc stacktrace(609);
Start dbcc stacktrace...
pc: 0x006a61e0 upsleepgeneric+0x230(0x00e65c00, 0x00e59000, 0x00000001, 0x00000004, 0x009f9800)
pc: 0x001a7320 lock__semawait+0x34c(0xb686f8b0, 0x00000261, 0x00000000, 0x00000261, 0x009f9800)
pc: 0x0019a1bc lock_multiple+0x650(0x00000000, 0xac59eb80, 0xb686deac, 0x00000004, 0x00000000)
[Handler pc: 0x0030552c droperr installed by the following function:-]pc: 0x003021ec dropi+0x1030(0xb9fe96f1, 0xb2c46a40, 0x00000003, 0x00000001, 0x00000001)
pc: 0x003011a0 dropindex+0x24(0xb9fe95b8, 0xad56bab8, 0xad56bab4, 0xb9fe95b8, 0x00000000)
pc: 0x003b8668 s_execute+0x36d0(0x80000000, 0x00a6289c, 0x00000001, 0x00007382, 0x0000049c)
[Handler pc: 0x003d3284 s_handle installed by the following function:-]pc: 0x003d004c sequencer+0x1090(0x00007400, 0x00e65c00, 0xb686e004, 0x0000761c, 0xb686df78)
pc: 0x000f16e8 tdsrecv_language+0xb4(0x00000000, 0xb68684b0, 0x00005800, 0x00006c00, 0xb686dcb0)
[Handler pc: 0x00118b64 hdl_backout installed by the following function:-][Handler pc: 0x0035055c ut_handle installed by the following function:-][Handler pc: 0x0035055c ut_handle installed by the
following function:-]pc: 0x001022dc conn_hdlr+0x2108(0x00e79c00, 0xb686dcb0, 0xb686f0b0, 0x00000001, 0x00006c00)
pc: 0x006c6dd4 _coldstart(0x0000018a, 0x001001d4, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
dbcc stacktrace finished.
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
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