How to clean up Oracle archive logs when you don’t have a RMAN catalog (10g/11g)

If you’re not using Oracle’s RMAN for backup management but you have turned on archive mode for hot backups, you can create a job in Enterprise Manager (Maintenance -> Manage Current Backups).

Recently I ran into a problem with one our Enterprise Manager installs where scheduled jobs would not run. So, I wrote a very simple RMAN script to clear out the references to any archive files that I’ve moved elsewhere or deleted:


$RMAN nocatalog target / <

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Oracle 10g: How to create an Enterprise Manager instance on the command line

In case you have to create an Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager instance from scratch, it is very easy.

  1. emca -repos create
  2. emca -config dbcontrol db

If you need to blow away the existing Enterprise Manager configuration, you can either recreate the repository, which will wipe out all the configurations:

  1. emca -repos recreate
  2. emca -config dbcontrol db

or, you can recreate just the dbcontrol for an instance:

  1. emca -deconfig dbcontrol db
  2. emca -config dbcontrol db
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