FW: Full Circle Magazine issue 22 is out!

The folks over at Full Circle Magazine have release yet another issue 🙂

  • Full Circle Magazine Issue 22
    Full Circle Magazine Issue 22

    Command and Conquer – Resizing Images With FFMPEG.

  • How-To : Program in C – Part 6, Web Development – Part 3,
  • Installing CrunchEEE To The EEE PC, and Spreading Ubuntu.
  • My Story – Making The Switch
  • Book Review – Ubuntu For Non-Geeks 3rd Edition
  • MOTU Interview – Emanuele Gentili
  • Top 5 – DVD Rippers
  • PLUS: all the usual goodness…
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The Perl Review: Issue 5.1, Winter 2008 has been released!

brian d foy and crew release another amazing Perl Review magazine issue.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, please please do so, it is a treasure trove of information!  You can even claim the subscription on your 2009 taxes as a business expense.  How cool is that?!?

Issue 5.1, Winter 2008

Surviving Your First Week of Perl (sample)

Issue 5.1, Winter 2008
Issue 5.1, Winter 2008

Programming with CPAN.pm (sample)

CPAN Patching with Git (sample)

Refactoring Factorial (sample)

Downloading From TiVo (sample)

plus Commentary and Module Reviews by Nadim Khemir, Perl News, and more…

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The July/August issue of the ISUG Technical Journal is out! Also known as the “TechWave” issue

Dear ISUG Member,

ISUG is pleased to announce that the special TechWave issue of the ISUG Technical Journal is now available.  Green and Gold members can access the issue online at http://my.isug.com/p/do/sd/sid=1308&type=0 (Gold members will also receive the printed copy within the next 2-4 weeks.)

Basic and Associate Members can see an abstract of the issue, containing the first page of each article at http://my.isug.com/p/do/sd/sid=1311&type=0 — if you like what you see and want to read more, simply upgrade your membership today and you can read the full online version!

Plus!  Green and Gold members can now also view the Journal using the iViewer technology from PCS. Simply goto www.isug.com/iViewer (login using your my.isug.com account if requested) and you’ll be on your way!


Bryan Enochs
President, ISUG

If you’re not a member of ISUG, please join today or at Sybase’s TechWave, in Las Vegas, to gain access to the ISUG Technical Journal 🙂

International Sybase User Group
International Sybase User Group
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