Need votes on ISUG ASE enhancements!

Id    Enhancement Title

3347 Allow for load with no_data into a smaller database
3090 Maintenance user update only for replicate database in warm standby.
3351 Add suid argument to sp_addlogin
3053 Allow for dropping of an audit table
3257 Change MDA datatypes to unsigned 2/4/8 byte integer

International Sybase Users Group
International Sybase Users Group

3252 J2EE connector for ASE
3125 grantable create/drop index
3092 Getting stats about the total amount of log generated by a query
3057 sp_add_resource_limit works now for the datasegment for tempdb, extends also for the log segment
3277 The MDA table monSysStatement PagesModified volumn is always 0
3088 Extract SQL statements from ASE log
3099 Provide a “zero-fill” function – or more generic “fill” function
3118 Concurrency issue
3133 Allow computed columns to be defined in terms of another computed column(s)
2452 Allow ASE Replicator login to be aliased to ‘dbo’.
3355 # tables / Stored Procedures managment
3273 add support for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and CURRENT_USER ANSI standard features
3228 sp_dboption ‘no auditing’
3354 Stored Procedure Complilation
3286 Allow UDF to reference another UDF which hasn’t been created yet.
3323 Introduce array structures (varying arrays) and user-defined object datatypes
3234 generic function/procedure parameters
3325 Ability to store and extract sql for jTDS stored procedures
3453 Collect MDA stats at the stored procedure level
3376 Implement ANSI SQL-99 “WITH clause” in SELECT statement
3408 Allow creation of stored procs refereencing #tables when #tables don’t exist
3416 Handle ‘LIKE’ as effectively as ‘=’ when no pattern matching performed
3404 force load
3434 Less restrictive login name rules
3417 LDAP – Allow authentication to multiple domains on a per account basis
3377 Add windowing analytic clause in aggregates for complex calculations
3331 Enforce ANSI limitations on GROUP BY
3345 Allow output of ASE 15 optmizer diagnostics to client without DBCC TRACEON(3604)
3429 Release ASE for MAC OSX Intel
3375 Add GREATEST() and LEAST() built-in list functions
3450 Allow builtins/UDFs as arguments to SPs/UDFs
2067 Sybase Engineering’s Proposed CR #270078
3440 Implement Multiversion Consistency/Concurrency Control (MVCC)
3419 Support compiler directives in T-SQL procedures/functions
3403 New Feature Request to handle Money format for Indian Currency(Fetaure Request 447294)

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