Asher: Please don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

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Contest! Free food from Timber Creek Farms! (must be in Chicagoland)

Froebe Fibers

Our contest for today is for the new, exciting WHOLE AND CHUNKY FRUIT BOX from TCF Organics.  The box contains a wide selection of fruits, some whole (obviously) and some already cut and prepped for you!  Anything that is appropriate to cut, like pineapple and melons, will arrive cut up and ready to eat.  Things that would turn brown, like apples, pears, and bananas, arrive whole, perfect for out-of-hand eating.

The box is normally a $35 value, including delivery.  And TCF is letting me give one away!

So, you want the details?  Not a problem!

To win this wonderful box full of fruit, delivered right to your door, you need to live within 100 miles of Chicago.  Please click this link to make sure that you are part of the delivery area.  If you enter, and aren’t eligible, I’m sorry to say that I’ll have to choose someone else.  So please, only enter if you can actually get the box.

Otherwise, all you have to do is leave a comment [at], saying what day TCF delivers to your area.  (You can find that out, conveniently enough, here.)

Delivering Affordable Organic Food to Homes in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana For 20 Years
Delivering Affordable Organic Food to Homes in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana For 20 Years

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New baby boy :)

Asher Samuel Froebe – 7lb 13 oz 19.5 inches @ 4:44 pm

7lb 13 oz - 19.5 inches long
Asher Samuel Froebe - 7lb 13 oz - 19.5 inches long

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My wife offers her view of me to the world :)

Most of you know my husband, Jason.  Well, I’ve been trying to figure him out for more than a few years now, and I think I’ve come pretty close.

He either suffers from ADHD, or Asperger’s Syndrome.

Wait, don’t laugh.  Hear me out.

When he is focused on something, it is with laserlike intensity.  A bomb could go off 3 feet from him, and he’d never even notice.  I’ve seen Miriam put things in his ear, but if he’s trying to figure out some new code, he doesn’t notice at all.  Hours later he wonders why he has cracker bits on his collar.  His social skills are, how to put this gently, not his strongest suit.  He’d much rather sit home in front of his computer, coding, than interact with people.  For years, he got along just fine with zero involvement with the opposite sex, at least of a romantic nature.  He just wasn’t interested in, or looking for, a relationship.  Hence, the thinking he might, if a child today, be diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Also, from talking to his mother, I’ve learned that he didn’t talk until he was 3, and barely engaged in imaginative play.  He was far more interested in building and sorting things as a small child, and being alone on his computer once older.  Seems to fit, no?

But, when something doesn’t have his laser focus, he has the attention span of a squirel who has just downed a 6 pack of Mountain Dew.  He is the most easily distracted, forgetful man I’ve ever known.  He’ll be half way through a sentence, and completely forget not only what he was going to say next, but the entire topic at hand, and even that he was involved in a conversation.  Something else will have caught his eye for half a second, and his brain is gone.

I’ve talked to his coworkers, and he’s the same way at work.  Sometimes, he’ll drop words, or even sentences from a paragraph (that he is speaking!) and not even notice that 1/2 of it is missing.  You look at him, and have no choice but to say “huh?” and his response? “I forget”.

Seriously, squirel.  Hence thinking he has ADHD.

So, I’m torn.  Does he fall under the autism spectrum, or the attention deficit hyperactivity spectrum?

Perhaps it is both.

Either way, having children with this man I’ve realized one thing: I’m totally screwed.


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FW from My daughter’s first sled ride

Miriam got a fantastic Hanukah present from her daddy.

She loves it, and had a great time being pulled around, first by Uncle Nate, then by Zaydee (grandpa), and finally by daddy.  They stayed on the lawn and sidewalk, and she giggled and laughed!

Then Daddy accidentally took a turn a little fast.

If it had just been snow, she would have been fine, but there was a thin layer of ice on top of the snow, and she face planted onto it.  Poor little Monkey.

She’s fine now.  She only cried because she was startled, and the scratches are almost completely healed now.

It did make for some fun explanations at the Hanukah party last night though.

I think she looked like she got into a fight with a badger, but everyone else says it isn’t so bad.

My poor baby.

She’s fine now though.  :)

There are lots more pictures, as always, on flickr.

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FW: num nums

From my wife’s blog:

Num num num.  What is this bowl full of stuff that daddy has been eating?  Is it fun for playing with?

Yes it is!

Is it tasty?


Is it messy?

Oh heck yeah!

It’s a good thing mommy got a dog.

Daddy sure seems impressed.

This post was brought to you by an inattentive daddy and a bowl of pasta with pesto sauce.

I’m tired now.  Tata.

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This the story of the future empress of the known universe, Miriam:

No c-section.
from the point of the view of the hubby of the Becca

Sunday morning:

4am – Becca wakes up with cramping that squishes the munchkin’s noggin
5am – Becca gives up on sleep and starts wandering to the basement to watch her bad tv shows (Travel Channel and Discovery’s Planet Earth – no nooky or t&a = bad tv 😉
8am – Mom of the Becca wakes up and they start watching tv together
9am – Dad of the Becca wakes up and wonders where his fried eggs are. Tries to convince the mom of the Becca to make fried eggs. Becca tells story of Becca’s hubby’s childhood Christmas breakfast of waffles. Mom of the Becca offers to make waffles. Becca is overjoyed and dad of the Becca reluctantly gives in because else his life would very very short
10am – Waffles!!
NOON – Hubby of the Becca opens one eye.
12:01pm – Hubby of the Becca closes one eye
12:15pm – Dad of the Becca pokes head into the bedroom and grumbles about the waffles to the hubby of the Becca
12:20pm – Dad of the Becca, when getting absolutely no response from the hubby of the Becca, wanders away and toots on the way downstairs
12:30pm – Hubby of the Becca wakes up stumbles downstairs
1pm – Megan arrives
5pm – Nate arrives
6pm – we eat
7pm – the Becca is very uncomfortable but doesn’t want to call the doc
9:15pm – the Becca’s contractions are pretty close (3 minutes or so). We convince the Becca to call the doc
9:16pm – the Doc says, “She needs to go to the hospital!”
9:20pm – hubby of the Becca starts the car and tries to leave for the hospital without the Becca. Mother of the Becca and Becca jump in the car before the hubby of the Becca leaves without them
9:40pm – caught by train
9:45pm – Father of the Becca saves the day by providing an alternate route (he drove the other car and the roads were still covered in snow and ice)
10pm – Arrive at the hospital
10:15pm – The Becca is 5cm dilated and dehydrated.
10:20pm – The Becca receives an IV and some staydall
MIDNIGHT – The Becca is at 8cm – nurse calls for 2nd opinion (to be on the safe side)
12:05am – The Becca is at 9cm – Doc is called in
12:10am – The Becca is at 10cm and ready to push
12:15am – 1:00am – The Becca is pushing
1:01am – The munchkin is born

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Miriam Nicole Froebe

Miriam Nicole Froebe
7lb 12 ounces
19.5 inches
born December 17th, 2007 at 1:01 am CST

She’s at St. Francis hospital in Blue Island

First set of photos at the hospital 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, you can see the original size photo by clicking on a photo, click on “All Sizes”, click on “Original”. Why would you want the original size? To print out the photos of course!

Flickr also will print out the photos and mail them to you if you click on “Prints & More”.

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