Developing games with Perl and SDL

Andy Bakun over at Ars Technica wrote an excellent “HowTo” on writing games with Perl and the Simple DirectMedia Library:

Developing games with Perl and SDL

ars technicaGet ready to dive into game development! Ars explores the art of SDL game programming with Perl. A dynamic, high-level scripting language and powerful open source SDL bindings make it possible to produce sophisticated games without a lot of effort or overhead.
By Andy Bakun | Last updated February 14, 2006 9:00 PM CT

What is SDL_perl?

SDL_Perl is a perl interface to the Simple DirectMedia Library. It is composed of a both a XS wrapper to the SDL libraries and a series of Perl modules that export SDL functionality in an object-oriented fashion.
One of the biggest benefits of using SDL is that it allows portable media applications to be written without having to be concerned with specific implmentations of media libraries for each target platform. Bringing Perl into the picture takes the portability one step further, allowing media-rich applications to be written in a high-level language that can be targeted to a number of platforms. While programming using SDL requires knowledge of C and access to a C compiler, using SDL_perl does not. This greatly decreases the amount of time it takes to get something up on the screen and working.

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