HOWTO: Install SAP Sybase Control Center 3.2.7 on Windows 8

SAP/Sybase doesn’t SAP Sybaseofficially support running SCC on Windows 8. This seems to be more of an issue with the InstallShield installer. Seriously, why do people still use InstallShield??

If you try installing SCC 3.2x on Windows 8, you’ll get a nasty error when you run setup.exe or setupconsole.exe:



You *can* install and run SCC 3.2.x on Windows 8 if you are willing to run the 32bit version of SCC. You will need to install Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1 x86.

Next, open a cmd.exe as Administrator and run “setup.exe -i gui”

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Sybase’s setup causes some installs of ASE to fail

ASE 12.5.4 setup (java version of Installshield) unsets LD_POINTER_GUARD, which will cause some linux distributions to fail to ‘setup’ dataserver.

This appears to be a variation of the issue raised in the "Sybase’s Backup Server for Linux (64bit) is broken 🙁" post.  What is unclear is whether this variable is being undefined by the Sybase supplied Java, Installshield itself or whether Sybase engineering is explicitly undefining it in the Installshield script.  I’ve opened a case with Sybase to ensure that this gets resolved with the ASE 12.5.4 esd 6 ebf.

cat srvbuild0127.001
Sat Jan 27 20:37:05 2007: srvbuild/12.5.4/P/Linux Intel/Linux 2.4.18-18.7.xsmp i686/EBF 13388/OPT/Tue May  9 08:38:07 PDT 2006
Sat Jan 27 20:37:05 2007: Getting attribute values from sybinit resource file `/database/sybase/ASE-12_5/sqlsrv.res’.
Sat Jan 27 20:37:05 2007:
Sat Jan 27 20:37:05 2007:
Sat Jan 27 20:37:05 2007: Warning: Unable to verify /database/sybase/data/sybsystemprocs.raw device size.  Please verify that this device is not already in use and that it has sufficient space available.
type = 1
server_page_size = 2k
master_device_physical_name = /database/sybase/master.raw
master_device_size = 100
master_database_size = 50
sybsystemprocs_device_physical_name = /database/sybase/data/sybsystemprocs.raw
sybsystemprocs_device_size = 300
sybsystemprocs_database_size = 300
errorlog = /database/sybase/ASE-12_5/install/JASONDESKTOP.log
configfile = /database/sybase/ASE-12_5/JASONDESKTOP.cfg
sybsystemdb_device_physical_name = /database/sybase/data/sybsysdb.dat
sybsystemdb_device_size = 1
sybsystemdb_database_size = 1
shmem = /database/sybase/ASE-12_5
default_backup_server = JASONDESKTOP_BS
server_name = JASONDESKTOP
force_buildmaster = yes
Sat Jan 27 20:37:05 2007: (Shell command) /database/sybase/ASE-12_5/bin/dataserver -d/database/sybase/master.raw -b100M -z2k -sJASONDESKTOP -e/database/sybase/ASE-12_5/install/JASONDESKTOP.log -T1623 -f > /tmp/sbNXsSD5 2>&1
dataserver: master device size for this server: 100.0 Mb
dataserver: master database size for this server: 6.0 Mb
dataserver: model database size for this server: 2.0 Mb
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:05.95 kernel  Checked out license ASE_DEV
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:05.96 kernel  Adaptive Server Enterprise Developer Edition.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.05 kernel  Using config area from primary master device.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.05 server  Configuration Error: Configuration file, ‘/database/sybase/JASONDESKTOP.cfg’, does not exist.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.05 kernel  Warning: A configuration file was not specified and the default file ‘/database/sybase/JASONDESKTOP.cfg’ does not exist. SQL Server creates the default file with the default configuration.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.06 kernel  Warning: Using default file ‘/database/sybase/JASONDESKTOP.cfg’ since a configuration file was not specified. Specify a configuration file name in the RUNSERVER file to avoid this message.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  os_find_good_keyfile: Found shared memory segment: key 0x6e0300b8, id 121044995
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  os_find_good_keyfile: If SQL Server using it is not running, remove it by hand
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  os_find_good_keyfile: Trying a different key
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Internal run-time model set for Linux  – Native
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Using 1024 file descriptors.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.4/EBF 13388/P/Linux Intel/Enterprise Linux/ase1254/2006/32-bit/OPT/Fri May 19 23:17:01 2006
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Confidential property of Sybase, Inc.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Copyright 1987, 2006
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Sybase, Inc.  All rights reserved.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Unpublished rights reserved under U.S. copyright laws.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  This software contains confidential and trade secret information of Sybase,
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Inc.   Use,  duplication or disclosure of the software and documentation by
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  the  U.S.  Government  is  subject  to  restrictions set forth in a license
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  agreement  between  the  Government  and  Sybase,  Inc.  or  other  written
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  agreement  specifying  the  Government’s rights to use the software and any
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  applicable FAR provisions, for example, FAR 52.227-19.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Sybase, Inc. One Sybase Drive, Dublin, CA 94568, USA
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  ASE booted on Linux release 2.6.17-10-generic version #2 SMP Tue Dec 5 22:28:26 UTC 2006.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Using ‘/database/sybase/JASONDESKTOP.cfg’ for configuration information.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.08 kernel  Logging ASE messages in file ‘/database/sybase/ASE-12_5/install/JASONDESKTOP.log’.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.12 kernel  SQL Server booted with TCP_NODELAY enabled.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.12 kernel  SSL Plus v3.1.14 security modules loaded successfully.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.12 kernel  Network and device connection limit is 1009.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.29 server  Number of blocks left for proc headers: 3232.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.29 server  Proc header memory allocated 1616 pages for each per engine cache
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.32 server  Size of the 2K memory pool: 8192 Kb
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.32 server  Memory allocated for the default data cache cachelet 1: 8192 Kb
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.32 kernel  Enabling Linux Kernel asynchronous disk I/O strategy.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.32 kernel  Initializing virtual device 0, ‘/database/sybase/master.raw’ with dsync ‘off’.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.32 kernel  Virtual device 0 started using asynchronous i/o.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.32 kernel  Worker Thread Manager is not enabled for use in SQL Server.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.33 kernel  Either the config parameter ‘use security services’ is set to 0, or ASE does not support use of external security mechanisms on this platform. The Security Control Layer will not be initialized. No external security mechanisms will be supported.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.33 kernel  Unix interval timer enabled for sysclk interrupts.
00:00000:00000:2007/01/27 20:37:06.38 kernel  engine 0, os pid 8048  online
Segmentation fault
Sat Jan 27 20:37:06 2007: Buildmaster return code: -117.
Sat Jan 27 20:37:06 2007:
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