My Wife (SWMBO) allowed me to install Ubuntu Linux 12.04 on to her Dell laptop

Rebecca Stoler Froebe let me install Ubuntu 12.04: Precise Pangolin on to her three year old laptop.

What was installed:
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (32bit)
PlayOnLinux to run Windows applications and games (e.g. Microsoft Office and Civilization 4)

Dozens of Linux games 😉
Printer driver for our HP Printer/Scanner downstairs
VLC to play the Windows Media Center (WTV) recorded tv shows on the media server

Still to do: install a knitting font and Age of Mythology

She uses the laptop to sell hand dyed yarn at:
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How to upgrade Dell Latitude laptop BIOS using Ubuntu 8.04 Linux (Hardy Heron)

This should work with any Dell Latitude laptop but YMMV.

wget -q -O - >
sudo bash
sudo aptitude install firmware-addon-dell firmware-tools
sudo aptitude install $(sudo bootstrap_firmware -a)
sudo update_firmware --yes

After upgrading the BIOS, you will need to perform a warm reboot (System -> Quit -> Restart). You don’t need to boot into Windows to upgrade the BIOS 🙂

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Receiving a ‘runtime error’ with the drivers for Dell’s All In One 962 Photo Printer? (AIO 962)

My mom’s new Dell Vostro 1500 laptop worked quite well until we hooked it up to her Dell All In One 962 Photo printer. When we installed the printer driver software, we received a MFC C++ 6.0 “runtime error” on the dlbxmon.exe program. Reinstalling the software made no difference. What did was a full uninstall of the software and a reinstall of the software.

How to:

  1. download and run the Vista 32 bit (yes, you need the Vista software) PC Upgrade software from Dell’s web page which will completely uninstall the XP driver
  2. download and run the Windows XP driver from Dell’s web page.

You may need to reboot the machine between steps 1 & 2.

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