Linux Journal 2009 Archive cdrom is now available :)

Linux Journal Archive 2008 CDROM
Linux Journal Archive 2008 CDROM

The Linux Journal has just made their yearly Archive CDROM available for purchase.  It includes EVERY Linux Journal  article from March 1994 to December 2008.  At $32 USD, it is a real bargain!

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FW: Full Circle Magazine issue 22 is out!

The folks over at Full Circle Magazine have release yet another issue 🙂

  • Full Circle Magazine Issue 22
    Full Circle Magazine Issue 22

    Command and Conquer – Resizing Images With FFMPEG.

  • How-To : Program in C – Part 6, Web Development – Part 3,
  • Installing CrunchEEE To The EEE PC, and Spreading Ubuntu.
  • My Story – Making The Switch
  • Book Review – Ubuntu For Non-Geeks 3rd Edition
  • MOTU Interview – Emanuele Gentili
  • Top 5 – DVD Rippers
  • PLUS: all the usual goodness…
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The Perl Review: Issue 5.1, Winter 2008 has been released!

brian d foy and crew release another amazing Perl Review magazine issue.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, please please do so, it is a treasure trove of information!  You can even claim the subscription on your 2009 taxes as a business expense.  How cool is that?!?

Issue 5.1, Winter 2008

Surviving Your First Week of Perl (sample)

Issue 5.1, Winter 2008
Issue 5.1, Winter 2008

Programming with (sample)

CPAN Patching with Git (sample)

Refactoring Factorial (sample)

Downloading From TiVo (sample)

plus Commentary and Module Reviews by Nadim Khemir, Perl News, and more…

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ISUG Technical Journal Sep/Oct 2008 is out! Includes my “Perl in the Shell” article

The ISUG Technical Journal Sep/Oct 2008 is out.

This issue contains:

  • Sybase IQ and Sybase WorkSpace Part II By Mike Crocker
  • Perl in the shell By Jason Froebe
  • Taming the process nightmare: Consolidating a Horde of Process Diagrams with PowerDesigner By Mike Nicewarner
  • Information overload: Weapons-grade data analysis comes of age By Teresa Foster
  • Maximizing PowerBuilder and SQLAnywhere Part III SQLAnywhere, a PowerBuilder Developer’s perspective
    By Chris Pollach
  • select random (stuff) from SYBASE Command shell by proxy By Bill Grant
  • Mobile Enterprise Everywhere: Taking Sybase on the road By Adrian Bridgwater
  • Sybase TechWave 2008: Time for the technology tsunami

You need to be an ISUG member to receive the ISUG Technical Journal.  Join ISUG today!

International Sybase User Group
International Sybase User Group
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The first issue of “My Databases” coming next week!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a free magazine regarding various database systems (dbms) called My Databases.  I hope to have multiple authors in future issues covering all sorts of open source and proprietary databases.

I should have the first issue done Sunday night.  I’m using OpenOffice, Scribus, Gimp, and Inkscape.

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FW: Perl is not going away

This came over the wire from twitter:

Perl is not going away

Sterling Hanenkamp wrote a great response to the now-infamous TIOBE Index article about how Perl is on its way out. This article is the sort of thing I wish I’d done when I was doing PR for The Perl Foundation. Sterling’s given me permission to republish it here. Here’s a link to the original. — Andy (Lester)

I’ve been taking DDJ for a couple years now. It’s cheap and occasionally has something interesting in it, but it’s been less interesting than I remember it being when I read it in college. I’ve been much more enamored with the Communciations of the ACM. Today, I received my issue and there’s an interview with Paul Jansen of TIOBE Software.

read more….

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