Long time no here

I was away for vacation then went into hiding while I brushed up on my Oracle skills for work.  All I can say is that I have a lot of material to put into the MyDatabases magazine this week.  So much to do it is hard to find time to get any of it done lately.  Oh well.  The next issue should be out this coming weekend.

In the meantime, count with me the days to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid being released:

Can’t wait that long? Try out the BETA. Check out the new features!

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Why oh why can’t we have PostgreSQL’s CREATE [TEMPORARY] SEQUENCE in Sybase ASE?

I know you can simulate it by creating a temp table with an identity column, delete old rows, getSybase the max, etc but still… PostgreSQL’s create sequence would be very handy…  btw, Oracle has it too

It would allow us to do things like pgTAP with ease..  Check out the slides for pgTAP 🙂

just my opinion… grrrr

I’ve created ISUG enhancement request # 3449 for this.

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Native support of SQLite in Sybase PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner?

What I would love to see is native support for SQLite. http://www.sqlite.org

It is the most installed embedded database on the planet hands down.  Don’t believe me?  You know that Firefox web browser, Thunderbird newsreader, most Adobe products, Miro, etc all have it embedded?  – reference http://www.sqlite.org/mostdeployed.html

We use it extensively at work as:

  1. staging for mass data imports/exports/conversions
  2. local application ‘cache’ for large data sets
  3. projects that don’t require all the features of Sybase ASE (or Oracle for that matter)

One of the best features is that the database itself in platform independent… copy the db on to AIX from your Windows box … then on to your old Amiga … then on to your windows mobile device.  Getting the point?  🙂

I really wish Sybase would make it so that the Sybase ASE databases were truly platform and character set/sort order independent… but that is in another dream 😉

Not a blurb in the PowerDesigner/PowerBuilder manuals or anything

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