PowerBuilder: Download your PowerBuilder patches for v11.x, 12.x before April 15th! Sybase is taking them away!

Download the ebfs (patches) for PowerBuilder 11x and 12x now before Sybase removes them from the my.sybase.com!

Announcement from SAP/Sybase:

April 11, 2013
Dear Valued Sybase Customer:

This letter provides notification of the end of sale for the following versions of Sybase PowerBuilder.

Product Platform End of Sale Migration Path
PowerBuilder 12.x Windows 04/15/2013 PowerBuilder 12.5.2
PowerBuilder 12.5.x Windows 04/15/2013 PowerBuilder 12.5.2

Please note that EBFs for PowerBuilder 11.x, 11.5.x, 12.x and 12.5.x (except for PowerBuilder 12.5.2) will no longer be available as of April 15, 2013.

If you have any questions, please call your local Sybase Technical Support Center. One of our Customer Service representatives will respond to your questions or direct your call to someone who can. For the number of your closest Technical Support Center, please go to: www.sybase.com/contactus/support.

Thank you for your cooperation in this product transition. We regret any inconvenience that discontinuing the sale of this product may cause your organization. Our support staff is available to assist you in any way possible.

Sue Dunnell
PowerBuilder Product Manager
Sybase, an SAP Company

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For those of you on Facebook and are interested in PowerBuilder….

Subject: Old PowerBuilder Facebook page deactivated

PowerBuilder Fan Page
PowerBuilder Fan Page
Hi Everyone, Happy new year! As of today, the old PowerBuilder facebook page is deactivated. Please be sure to become a fan of PowerBuilder here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PowerBuilder/160355699256 Go PB!!
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Sybase’s PowerBuilder v12 is powerful, .NET based, and wonderful! Why you shouldn’t use it

The following is MY perception of Sybase’s PowerBuilder:

Years ago PowerBuilder was king.  No one could touch it.  It was relatively inexpensive.  Microsoft’s Visual Basic matured and the Pascal based Borland’s Delphi was released.  Then it fell and fall it did.


As it was falling from the throne Sybase purchased Powersoft, makers of PowerBuilder.  As the the market share continued to shrink, PowerBuilder developers had more difficulty in finding new projects.  Most new development was written in Visual Basic or Java.

Years went by with marketing of PowerBuilder little more than the occasional road show, TechWave presentations and the ISUG Technical Journal ads catered towards existing customers.  Little to no effort was put forth by Sybase to gain new PowerBuilder customers.

During this week’s Sybase TechWave, PowerBuilder version 12 was released.  It has all the whistles and kitchen sinks you could ask for.   An amazing tool for development!  Too bad no one outside of the die hard PowerBuilder programmers will use it.

Blasphemy!  Heretic!

Consider this:

Sybase owns PowerBuilder.  It owns the PowerBuilder software, PowerBuilder language, PowerScript, the PowerBuilder vm, and everything PowerBuilder.

No problem right?

What will happen to PowerBuilder when Sybase is bought out by another company?  Products with tiny market share like PowerBuilder would likely be killed or in a state of limbo for several years.  Anyone remember what happened when IBM bought Informix?

Do you really want to bet your career and business on a software development tool that is locked to a single smallish vendor?

Maybe, perhaps, if Sybase were to release the PowerBuilder 4GL language and PowerScript to the world like Microsoft did with the C# and Visual Basic languages and Sun with Java…   Perhaps if Sybase would allow 3rd parties to develop tools based around the PowerBuilder language royalty free…


I mean, really, what benefit could Sybase have to cripple the PowerBuilder developers?

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Native support of SQLite in Sybase PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner?

What I would love to see is native support for SQLite. http://www.sqlite.org

It is the most installed embedded database on the planet hands down.  Don’t believe me?  You know that Firefox web browser, Thunderbird newsreader, most Adobe products, Miro, etc all have it embedded?  – reference http://www.sqlite.org/mostdeployed.html

We use it extensively at work as:

  1. staging for mass data imports/exports/conversions
  2. local application ‘cache’ for large data sets
  3. projects that don’t require all the features of Sybase ASE (or Oracle for that matter)

One of the best features is that the database itself in platform independent… copy the db on to AIX from your Windows box … then on to your old Amiga … then on to your windows mobile device.  Getting the point?  🙂

I really wish Sybase would make it so that the Sybase ASE databases were truly platform and character set/sort order independent… but that is in another dream 😉

Not a blurb in the PowerDesigner/PowerBuilder manuals or anything

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PowerBuilder 11.2 is coming out shortly

Speed in Development. Speed in Deployment. Speed in Performance.

PowerBuilder 11.2 will be available shortly and we are holding a Web seminar with John Strano to highlight the key features of this release. During this Web seminar, John will show you the new capabilities found in PowerBuilder 11.2 that bring increased performance to your mission-critical applications, including using AJAX and .NET development to EAServer. In addition, John will show you a range of as well as database, UI, and usability enhancements.

PowerBuilder 11.2 Web Seminar: Increased Performance is Here
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
9:00 AM PT
/ 12:00 PM EST

The PowerBuilder 11.2 webcast will cover:

  • Certificate Store Support for Smart Client-published Applications
  • Usability and UI Enhancements
  • Database Connectivity Enhancements
  • Enabling the DEBUG Condition for ORCA and OrcaScript
  • Application Pools for Web Forms in IIS7
  • EAServer Support for .NET-deployed PowerBuilder Clients
  • AJAX Functionality for WebForm-Deployed Applications

Register for the PowerBuilder 11.2 Web seminar today and speed up your development, deployment, and performance.

Find out more and sign up here.


The PowerBuilder Team

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FW: ISUG North American PowerBuilder Tour – Q1, 2008

From our friends at ISUG:

ISUG North American PowerBuilder Tour – Q1, 2008

Additional Dates by Popular Demand!

Sponsored by: Appeon, Enable, Novalys, Sybase

Following on from our successful multi-city tour in 2007, ISUG is pleased to announce additional dates for the PowerBuilder 11 Tour!


  • Feb 26th: San Jose, CA – Embassy Suites, Santa Clara
  • Feb 27th: Los Angeles, CA – Embassy Suites North, LAX
  • Feb 28th: San Diego, CA – Windmill Banquet & Catering, Carlsbad

During these events you will:

  • Consume .NET Resources using PowerBuilder 11’s . NET Interoperability
  • Create .NET Resources from existing PowerBuilder NVOs
    • .NET assemblies
    • .NET Web Services
  • Use PowerBuilder 11 and ASP.NET 2.0 to create Web Form Applications
  • Build WinForm & Smart Client Applications right from within PowerBuilder.
  • Set up SQL Anywhere 10 as your back-end database for .NET activity

In addition, we’ll present:

  • A special early morning session on troubleshooting installation issues
  • Information on companion products from ISUG partners
  • Tips and Tricks on migrating to PowerBuilder 11 from earlier versions

PLUS! A very special first for PowerBuilder users as Enable Development introduces its Source Change for PowerBuilder! Be the first to see this awesome technology first-hand — a tool no serious PowerBuilder developer can be without!

All events begin at 8:00am local time, and end at 5:30pm.

To register for this tour, visit: www.isug.com/pb11tour_registration. Registration fees for this event are as follows:

Pre-Registration (more than 3 days prior to the event):

  • ISUG Members – Gold Benefits – $99
  • ISUG Members – Silver Benefits – $129*
  • ISUG Members – Basic Benefits – $179*
  • Non-Members – $249+

Last-Minute/Onsite Registration (3 days or less prior to the event):

  • ISUG Members – Gold Benefits – $149
  • ISUG Members – Silver Benefits – $179*
  • ISUG Members – Basic Benefits – $229*
  • Non-Members – $299+

* Includes upgrade to Gold Benefits
+ Includes ISUG membership with Gold Benefits

Non-members: Save $55 by joining ISUG here for just $95, and then register at the discounted Gold price!!!

Businesses: Want to send multiple employees? Ask us about our corporate discounts! Send an email to  – Be sure to specify how many people you will be sending.

All attendees wishing to participate hands-on should bring a laptop pre-installed with the required software (provided by the ISUG Gold Benefits package). Note that this is not required to attend, only if you wish to follow along with the labs.

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New developers for Sybase’s Powerbuilder 11?

There still seems to be a steep learning curve when it comes to Sybase’s PowerBuilder. In this specific case, PB11 is no easier.

What *I* personally would like to see is:

  1. step by step online tutorials to create a multitude of projects – from simple ‘hello world’ applications to database connected applications to .NET to AJAX enabled .NET web apps
  2. online videos for the new and experienced developers rather than just feature highlights
  3. more books… from the “Beginning PowerBuilder 11” (perhaps a ‘for Dummies’ series type book) to super advanced PB11
  4. more podcasts ( take a look at Meet the Gimp for example format )
  5. PowerBuilder gallery of open source and commercial PB applications (please don’t just point to the abomination known as codexchange) and online pb communities
  6. A better tiered licensing model: Free version (take a look at Microsoft’s VB Express for a model of what should be included for free), Student (K-university) edition, Professional / Small Business, Enterprise. There should be NO feature differences between the student and enterprise editions – the only difference should be in what PB can be used for (licensing).
  7. Open source & hobby-ist development should be actively promoted to help rebuild the PB community

Can anyone think of anything else to help new developers learn PowerBuilder?

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Coming to your city….

In the next few weeks, the PowerBuilder folks will be visiting the major cities of Canada and the United States of America to train you!

  • Oct 23: Des Moines, IA – Des Moines Airport Conference Center
  • Oct 24: St. Paul, MN – Minnesota Humanities Center
  • Oct 25: Regina, SK – Ramada Inn & Conference Centre
  • Nov 13: Indianapolis, IN – Ramada Indianapolis Airport
  • Nov 14: Toronto, ON – Days Hotel and Conference Centre Toronto Airport East
  • Nov 15: Montreal, QC – Hôtel Ramada aéroport-Montréal
  • NewNov 26: Salt Lake City, UT – Davis County Memorial Courthouse, Farmington
  • Nov 27: Phoenix, AZ – Offices of DS Solutions
  • Nov 28: San Diego, CA – Location to be confirmed
  • Nov 29: Seattle, WA – Tentative location: Best Western Executel, Seattle Airport
  • Dec 11: Orlando, FL – Tentative location: AmeriSuites Airport NW
  • Dec 12: Washington, D.C. – Holiday Inn, Dulles Airport
  • Dec 13: Atlanta, GA – La Quinta Inn & Suites, Atlanta Airport

So what is this PowerBuilder tour all about? Well, it is not only to show off the latest and greatest features of PowerBuilder 11 but these fine folks will train you so you can do everything they can!

Think it is expensive or your boss will say no? Well, it is only $49 if you register before October 10th (this Wednesday). It is being hosted by Appeon, Enable, Novalys, Sybase and ISUG.

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Just installed Sybase’s PowerBuilder 11 and Created a .NET application accessing a Sybase ASE server, a MySQL server and a PostgreSQL server

Because the of the excellent sessions and a keynote at Sybase TechWave 2007, I’m picking up PowerBuilder 11. Thought it was dead? We all heard it over and over again from the VB, C++, .NET folk. Think again and check this out!

SPECIAL PLENARY SESSION — Advancing the Boundaries of Development: How IT developers will face the future.
Tuesday, 1-2:15 p.m. PDT. | View the recorded webcast

Using the PowerBuilder Application Server Plugin
Wednesday, 1 – 2 p.m. PDT. Speaker: Evan Ireland | View the recorded webcast

Using .NET Classes in PowerBuilder
Wednesday, 2:15 – 3:45 p.m. Speaker: Xue-song Wu | View the recorded webcast

Best Practices of PowerBuilder 11.0 WinForm/Smart Client Application Development
Wednesday, 4 – 5:30 p.m. Speaker: Harry Zhang | View the recorded webcast

The DataWindow in PowerBuilder WebForm Targets
Thursday, 1 – 2 p.m. Speaker: Frederick Koh | View the recorded webcast

PowerBuilder: Service Creation
Thursday, 2:15 – 3:15 p.m. Speaker: Sheila Wood | View the recorded webcast

Did you know that you can build .NET applications easily with PowerBuilder? I did, but I didn’t realize that it was very very easy! Say good bye to C# and VB.net for any database application, because PowerBuilder is back and BETTER than anything that Microsoft has to offer!

Most importantly, the video of the key note, Future Development Will Rely on Current Core Technologies, should be out in the next few days. I’ll post the link to it…. it ultimately was the final motivator to make me pick up PowerBuilder 11. Thanks to Jason Fentor for dragging me to the keynote!

UPDATE:   Future Development Will Rely on Current Core Technologies video is here!  When you open the video click down to “PowerBuilder 11: Accelerate your development”

It took me 10 minutes from knowing absolutely no PowerBuilder to building a working client/server .NET application connecting three wildly different databases (Sybase ASE, MySQL and PostgreSQL) and retrieving/updating data to them! TEN MINUTES! I expected an hour or two but ten minutes… I’m just completely floored!

Sorry, I’m not usually this impressed and try to take everything with a grain of salt, but… Sybase, with all your faults, dang! You did good!

For comparison: The same application took me 30 minutes to write in Perl, which I’m pretty good at.

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