My wife bought a new Sony MEX-BT2700 car radio for my Saturn 2000 SL2 car but it took me 2 1/2 hours to install the thing

When my bought the Sony MEXBT2700 CD Receiver with Bluetooth Hands-Free with Integrated Microphone (Black), I was thrilled. It seems to be a nice little radio with bluetooth and all the whiz bang that I needed.

We purchased the wiring adapter and the harness so that it fits well and looks nice in my Saturn 2000 SL2 sedan for an extra $44. Not bad. The problem was that while the colored wiring diagram provided by the adapter was correct, it had me put the power wire from the ignition in the wrong pin slot as the casing was reversed! Argh! It needed to go into pin 6 but it was on the wrong side. I figured it out after taking a good look at the plug on the old stock radio.

No, I couldn’t find my multimeter which is in a box somewhere in the house. head*desk

Once I moved the wire to the correct pin hole, the radio came alive.

Lesson learned when installing a car radio: make sure you have your multimeter (or some other way of determining if the power pin is hot).

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