Can’t find a working RSS feed for the “Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon” podcast? Here is a working RSS feed that is updated every Monday morning!

A long time ago when I used iTunes on my WinXP laptop I was able to subscribe to the Too Jewish with Rabbi Sam Cohon & Friends podcast through the iTunes Store.  Since my main desktop runs Ubuntu Linux 9.04 and the RhythmBox Music Player is unable to retrieve podcast from the iTunes Store, I was at a loss as to how to listen to the podcast.

I sent numerous emails to the webmasters at requesting a RSS feed of the podcast to no avail.  So… I wrote a small Perl application to create two RSS feeds:

  • All Episodes
  • Last 10 Episodes

Please note that I’m only generating and hosting the RSS feeds and NOT the podcast files.  The podcast is a product of Temple Emanu-El.
Update: The source code is available at  Source code for scraping the website of Too Jewish Radio program to create two RSS feeds (audio podcast)

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