PODCAST: “Too Jewish with Rabbi Sam Cohon and Friends” RSS feed working again

A while ago I wrote a Perl script that would create a RSS feed so I could listen to the podcast outside of iTunes (e.g. Miro).  It stopped a few months back when I moved servers.  It’s working again.

Can’t find a working RSS feed for the “Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon” podcast? Here is a working RSS feed that is updated every Monday morning!

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Source code for scraping the website of Too Jewish Radio program to create two RSS feeds (audio podcast)

Many of you have asked me for the source code of the Perl application I wrote for creating the two rss feeds ( All Episodes & Last 10 Episodes ) for the Too Jewish Radio program. Well, here ya go! Keep in mind that it was written quickly and really doesn’t have much in the line of robustness (no real error checking code, etc).


use strict;
use warnings;

use utf8;

use Config::Simple;
use Date::Manip qw( ParseDate UnixDate );
use Getopt::Std;
use LWP::Simple;
use Net::FTP;
use XML::LibXML;
use XML::RSS;
use URI;

use vars qw( $opt_h $opt_n $opt_o $opt_u $opt_c );

sub print_usage {
  print "-"x40 . "\n";
  print " "x10 . "too_jewish.pl\n";
  print "-"x40 . "\n";
  print " "x4 . "-n [# episodes] : Number of episodes to list in the RSS feed\n";
  print " "x4 . "-o [filename] : Save RSS feed to file\n";
  print " "x4 . "-u     : Upload RSS feed to ftp server\n";
  print " "x4 . "-c [cfg filename]: Read configuration from filename\n";
  print " "x4 . "-h     : Print help\n";
  print "-"x40 . "\n";

sub format_W3CDTF_date {
  my $orig_date = shift;

  my $w3cdtf_format = "%Y-%m-%d";
  my $tmp_date = ParseDate($orig_date);
  $tmp_date = UnixDate($tmp_date, $w3cdtf_format);

  return $tmp_date;

sub get_episode_data {
  my $num_episodes = shift;

  my $episode_data_ref;

  # Set up the parser, and set it to recover
  # from errors so that it can handle broken
  # HTML
  my $parser = XML::LibXML->new();

  # Parse the page into a DOM tree structure
  my $url = 'http://www.toojewishradio.com/too_jewish_shows.htm';
  my $data = get($url) or die $!;
  my $doc = $parser->parse_html_string($data);

  # Extract the table rows (as an
  # array of referrences to DOM nodes)
  my @table_rows = $doc->findnodes( q{ /html/body/table/tr } );

  @table_rows = @table_rows[1..$#table_rows];

  foreach my $row (@table_rows) {
    my $row_date = $row->find('string(td[1]//font/font)')->value();
    next if $row_date =~ /^\s*$/;

    my $mp3_file = $row->find('string(td[2]/font//a[1]/@href)')->value();
    next if $mp3_file =~ /^\s*$/;

    my $description = $row->find('string(td[2]/font)')->value();
    next if $description =~ /^\s*$/;
    $description =~ s/\s+/ /g;
    $description =~ s/^\s+//;
    $description =~ s/\s+$//;

    my $abs_url_mp3 = URI->new($mp3_file)->abs($url)->as_string;

    push @$episode_data_ref, {
        'pubDate' => $row_date,
        'description' => $description,
        'url' => $abs_url_mp3

  if ($num_episodes) {
    @$episode_data_ref = @$episode_data_ref[0..$num_episodes-1];

  return $episode_data_ref;

sub create_rss_feed {
  my ($episode_data_ref, $rss_filename) = @_;

  my $rss = new XML::RSS (version => '2.0');

    title        => 'Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon',
    link       => 'http://www.toojewishradio.com',
    description  => '"Too Jewish" with Rabbi Sam Cohon and Friends plays every Sunday morning at 7:00 am on radio station KAPR 930 AM in Douglas, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista at 9:00 am, on KJAA 1240 AM in Globe at 9:00 am, and at 9:00 am on radio station KVOI AM 690 in Tucson.

"Too Jewish" is a lively and fast-paced show that highlights everything interesting in contemporary Jewish life and features music, arts, culture, comedy, and inspiration. "Too Jewish" is a blend of information, irreverence, and exploration of all things Jewish in the 21st century. "Too Jewish" makes Judaism accessible, interesting, and fun for listeners of all ages and backgrounds, and brings the best of Jewish experience vividly to life. But on "Too Jewish", Rabbi Cohon also challenges accepted pieties and has fun with anything boring or inauthentic in the way Jews live today in the United States, Israel, and everywhere else.

Since its Tucson debut August 4, 2002, "Too Jewish" has featured such prominent guests as legendary singer and recording artist Neil Sedaka, Kinky Friedman, Elie Wiesel, comedian Lily Tomlin, folksinger Peter Yarrow, NPR Supreme Court Expert Nina Totenberg, Eve Ensler, U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, and many more!

Regular expert commentators of the "Too Jewish" maven section include Tom Price, an educator and former diplomat who offers unique insights into Jewish life around the world, and Amy Hirshberg Lederman, nationally syndicated columnist, who shares stories which speak to the heart of Jewish listeners. Comedy and musical selections drawn by Rabbi Cohon from the remarkable range of great Jewish material help make listening to "Too Jewish" an exciting and fun experience.',
    dc => {
        date     => format_W3CDTF_date('now'),
        subject   => 'Jewish Radio',
        creator   => 'toojewishradio@yahoo.com',
        publisher   => 'toojewishradio@yahoo.com',
        rights   => 'All Rights Reserved, toojewishradio@yahoo.com',
        language  => 'en-us',
    sync => {
        updatePeriod   => 'weekly',
        updateFrequency => '1',
        updateBase      => format_W3CDTF_date('01/01/1901'),
    taxo => [

    title => 'Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon',
    url    => 'http://www.toojewishradio.com/Too%20Jewish%20logo_color.jpg',
    link => 'http://www.templeemanueltucson.org',
    dc => {
      creator => 'toojewishradio@yahoo.com'

  foreach my $episode (@$episode_data_ref) {
      title        => $episode->{description},
      enclosure     => {
        url    => $episode->{url},
        type => "audio/mpeg"
      description => $episode->{description},
      pubDate     => format_W3CDTF_date( $episode->{pubDate} )

  if ($rss_filename) {

  return $rss->as_string;

sub upload_rss_file {
  my ($ftp_server, $rss_filename) = @_;

  my $ftp = Net::FTP->new( $ftp_server->{server}, Debug => 0)
    or die "Cannot connect to $ftp_server->{server}: $@";
  $ftp->login( $ftp_server->{user}, $ftp_server->{password})
    or die "Cannot login ", $ftp->message;
    or die "Unable to change directory to $ftp_server->{dir}", $ftp->message;
    or die "Cannot upload $rss_filename", $ftp->message;

my $num_episodes;
my $ftp_server;
my $rss_filename;
my $upload;

if (getopts('hc:n:o:u')) {
  if ($opt_h) {

  if ($opt_n) {
    if ($opt_n =~ /^[[:digit:]]+$/) {
      $num_episodes = $opt_n;

  if ($opt_o) {
    $rss_filename = $opt_o;

  if ($opt_u) {
    $upload = 1;

    my $cfg_filename;

    if ($opt_c && -f $opt_c) {
      $cfg_filename = $opt_c;
    } else {
      $cfg_filename = '.too_jewish.ini';

    my $cfg = new Config::Simple($cfg_filename);

    if ($cfg &&
        $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_server') && $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_user') &&
        $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_password') && $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_dir')
      ) {
      $ftp_server = {
        server   => $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_server'),
        user     => $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_user'),
        password  => $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_password'),
        dir        => $cfg->param('RSS.ftp_dir')
    } else {
      print "Configuration file \"$cfg_filename\" does not contain a valid configuration!\n";

my $rss_string = create_rss_feed( get_episode_data($num_episodes), $rss_filename );

if ($rss_filename && $upload && -f $rss_filename) {
  upload_rss_file($ftp_server, $rss_filename);
} else {
  print "$rss_string\n" unless $rss_filename;
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