“Why the perl community is no boy’s club” by tinita

If you haven’t read tinita‘s blog post, please do so.  As males we often don’t see the harm we do when we are “just joking around” or “teasing” or whatever our justification is for making crude statements.  I know I am not innocent either, most commonly because I wasn’t aware that <insert some comment> was offensive to another person.  We deserve to treat each other with respect.

First, the reason for this post: There was this answer in the recent survey:
“None – I refuse to acknowledge the term man hours, you patriarchical pig. But I have many person-hours. And let me tell you…”

You can discuss if this is discriminating feminists or not. It’s a matter of perception, if you know the author or not. It seems that there are people who find this offensive. And I also think that it shouldn’t be on a perlmonks poll, while in a group of friends it might be funny.

Read the rest of her post on tinita’s blog

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