VMware Horizon Client Disconnects Immediately After Connecting: HccChannelPlugin::ChannelAddRef: No shared memory channel

Recently I’ve needed to connect to a virtual desktop using VMware Horizon Client. Immediately after connecting, I received the error message:

ERROR (1FD0-19D0) <6608> [vmware-remotemks] HccChannelPlugin::ChannelAddRef: No shared memory channel. Horizon client service may be down.
FATAL (1FD0-1E14) <vmware-usbd> [vmware-remotemks] GOT DEP ACCESS VIOLATION

After much research and try & error, I was able to determine that VMWare Horizon Client requires up to 4GB of RAM for physical machines and 5GB of RAM for virtualized Windows 7, 8.1, 10 systems (VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation).

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HOWTO: Enable 3D Acceleration in VMWare Player/Workstation in Ubuntu Linux 15.04 with Intel Graphics SOLVED

When youVMware start a virtual machine using VMWare Workstation or Player and receive a warning saying 3D Acceleration is not available, you can easily enable it. All you need to do is add a single line to the .vmx file (e.g. “Fedora Linux.vmx”):

mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = "TRUE"
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Been a long time / Installing vmware tools in Ubuntu 8.04.1 JEOS Server

I’m sorry folks, I got wrapped up in the ways of the physical world and then was sick the past few days.

Recently I tried installing vmware tools in a Ubuntu 8.04.1 JEOS Server virtual machine with no success.  After a bit of googling, I came across the Peter Cooper’s blog that outlined the procedure rather well for VMware Fusion, but it works for VMware Server and VMware Workstation just fine.  Essentially:

  • download Open VM Tools from Sourceforge
  • Mount VMware tools (Host -> VM -> Install VMware Tools), mount /dev/cdrom
  • Extract the vmware tools to /tmp
  • Extract and compile Open VM Tools (./configure)
  • Tar up the compiled open vm tools and copy to the vmware tools directory
  • Run vmware-install.pl

See Peter’s blog for step by step instructions.

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VMware Workstation 5 or 6 and trying to start a 64bit os?

Is you’re running on an Intel x86-64 processor based box and VMware Workstation complains that the host machine is incompatible with working with your Windows 2003 64bit client os (or any other 64bit client OS)?  Well, go into your BIOS on boot and make sure that the VT functionality is enabled.

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